Smackdown has been doing quite well and they are building up the WrestleMania storylines in a great fashion. This week we got two more WrestleMania matches added to the card from Smackdown, and look like this is it from the blue brand. All the matches from the blue side has been added to the card. So what are those matches and how good their progress has been?

AJ Styles came out to the arena at the start and cut an excellent promo. He said how the Smackdown officials did injustice with him since Royal Rumble. Well, to be honest the points he made are quite valid, and this is not a good thing for a heel. The feud between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon is being built up as AJ being the heel and Shane being the face. But let us count AJ as a face for a minute and Shane as a heel with all the points exactly the same, you will see AJ is the ideal face in this situation, in reality, even being a face Shane is actually doing injustice towards AJ and AJ on the other hand did nothing wrong, still he is a heel. And it actually does not make any sense. AJ seriously needs to turn face after WrestleMania.

Backstage AJ attacked Shane and beat him down totally, he threw his head towards the glass window of a car, and as a result, Shane started bleeding. It is really shocking and actually great build up for this feud, on screen blood from Shane McMahon’s head is even more shocking! This build up seriously deserves a round of applause, I mean seriously, it was great. The only official got attacked again and again before was Triple H, and somehow it did not look so strange. But Shane on the other hand getting attacked and beaten down looked pretty strange, even though we all knew this was coming. The buildup was seriously great.

At the end of the show, Shane McMahon came out and made it clear that AJ Styles will have a WrestleMania opponent, however, the name is not specified. But we all know it is going to be Shane himself and by next week it will be official. So no matter how bad the match looks like, the buildup is really good.

Another match that has been added into the card is the mixed tag team match; John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. the Miz and Maryse. The match does not look so good on card but the thing that made it look interesting is the promos cut by Miz and Cena, specially Miz. It would be interesting to see Maryse performs after a long absence from ring.

About the matches of the night, we got two women’s matches, both were fine and worked well. The Smackdown women’s championship for WrestleMania is being built up really well. Two matches to build up a women’s championship match is really good and that is why we call it women’s revolution. About the other two matches; one was to hype the Andre the Giant battle royal and the other one looked a little awkward; The Usos and the American Alpha collided in a non title tag team match on the main event of the show. This might be good for building the tag team championship match in future, but certainly does not look good for the show. And what about the other tag teams, it is true that most tag teams are jobbers, still it does not look good for the titles. Usos had to beat the champions to prove themselves worthy, why? They are former two times tag team champions, they do not have to prove themselves like this. Plus, there are so many other tag teams on the roster, they could arrange a tournament type thing to determine no 1 contenders.

The segment between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt was good too. Bray’s reinvention of himself is booked really well, and his promo was very good. Orton explaining his actions again but in a different manner and brief sounded good too. The feud is having a good buildup, but we think they should focus on the championship a little more. They are just focusing on the feud where the title does not matter much. Orton wants to destroy Bray and Bray seeks revenge on him, so what is the point of the WWE championship here? They should focus on the title a bit more.

Final Verdict – Overall, the show was good just like every week. It had good promos, the matches were short but well executed. The week had a great boost for WrestleMania, all the ongoing feuds got pumped up well. But for second consecutive week, there is no involvement of Luke Harper. Indeed they are building up something regarding the cryptic tweets he makes every day. We hope to see a better episode of next week and more involvements of the tag teams too.

Sportzwiki Rating – 3/5


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