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WWE Smackdown Results 7/3/14

The show starts as Christian is seen inside the ring. Last week’s footage from Monday Night Raw where Christian is defeated by Sheamus is shown, after the match, Sheamus got attacked by Christian in the backstage.

Match 1 – Christian defeats Dolph Ziggler. It was a very good match, such a wonderful way to kick things off. Alberto Del Rio is present in the announce table who creates a distraction for Dolph Ziggler and Christian capitalized with his Kill switch finishing maneuver and pins him. Renee Young enters the ring after the match and asks Christian why he is attacking Sheamus again and again, what is his problem with Sheamus, why is he taking out his anger and frustration on the Celtic Warrior. Christian starts to answer but he could not finish as Sheamus comes out during the interview. He enters the ring straight and attacks Christian. When Sheamus is about to knock out Christian with the Brogue Kick, Christian dummies the move and escapes from the ring.

Footage from last week’s main event of Monday Night Raw is shown where Daniel Bryan challenged Triple H one on one at WrestleMania XXX. And Triple H declined to face him by calling him a B+ player. The director of Operations Kane came out to take him out of the ring but got beaten down by Daniel Bryan. Later, Daniel Bryan faced the no 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight champion Batista, they showed how the match went to disqualification as the WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton interfered during the match and attacked both individuals. Daniel Bryan got knocked out by Batista and Triple H nailed Daniel Bryan with the Pedigree.

Batista comes out. The crowd boos him thoroughly as usual. Batista grabs the microphone and He says that last week he came out here on Smackdown and asked a very simple question; where is all the real men of the WWE gone. The answer he got is Dolph Ziggler who is a little pretty boy wanna be, looking to make a name for himself. And what happened, he destroyed him, just like the way he said he would. Last Monday, Monday Night Raw, what did he get, another one of the heroes of the fans, a goat face troll named Daniel Bryan. And all happened is the same out some as the last week of Smackdown. He beat him in the middle of the ring, he destroyed him and it was really very simple. He is no superhero, he is the superhero of the fans. But he is a humble man, and he does not want the fans to cheer for him. Daniel Bryan comes out to interfere. Daniel Bryan says let him get this straight, he points to Basita and asks him if he seriously thinks is the hero of the fans. Daniel Bryan asks the fans if Batista a hero. The crowd boos Batista so loud. Batista says it is definitely not Daniel Bryan either. Batista says that Daniel Bryan is nothing but a fan so it is better for him to buy a ticket and watch Batista, to watch him facing Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Daniel Bryan mocks Batista and makes fun of him. He says that he might have forgotten that last week on Monday Night Raw he beat down because Randy Orton attacked him from behind, and he took him down, after Corporate Kane came down and tried to interfere and he took him down, after Triple H stuck his big corporate nose in his business and he kicked him right into the head. And before all of that, he had Batista beat and that is because he is a fan, he is just like every single one of those people. Daniel Bryan says that if he was Batista he would have been slightly embarrassed that a fan nearly took him out on Monday Night Raw. Batista gives Daniel Bryan a warning not to ever presume what he thinks because he is not only bigger, stronger and faster and better looking than him, he is smarter than him and he would always stand one step aheadm of him. The moment he step foot into the WWE Universe again, it became his Universe just like the way it was before. And he is allowing him to exist in his universe. And if he tries to bother him he would have absolutely zero problem to ending that existence of him from his universe. Daniel Bryan says that it kind of sounds like a threat and mocks him again. This time Batista gets frustrated and tries to attack Daniel Bryan, Bryan evades him and takes him out of the ring. Daniel Bryan starts chanting ‘Yes!’ along with the fans. Kane interferes and Daniel Bryan gets extracted as Batista attacks him from behind. Kane and Batista both start to assault Daniel Bryan. Suddenly, The Big Show comes out in the support of Daniel Bryan. Kane and Batista escapes the ring. Vickie Guerrero comes out with her ‘Excuse Me!’ shout. She announces a tag team match as the main event between Batista and Kane vs. The Big Show and Daniel Bryan.

Match 2 – WWE Tag team champions The Usos defeat Curtis Axel and Daniel Bryan in a non title match.

Match 3 – Natalya and Eve Torres defeat WWE Divas champion AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. Natalya makes AJ Lee submit for the victory.
The Shield comes out. There was no Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose says that can handle everything goes through them, but they can stand betrayal. Seth Rollins walked out leaving the two helpless last week on Monday Night Raw when they were battling The Wyatt Family. Dean Ambrose calls Seth Rollins out to clarify himself. Seth Rollins comes out. Rollins said that he sacrificed himself so they can be on the same page. Dean Ambrose says that there is a difference between them, Dean fought off and Seth walked off. Seth Rollins said that they should not be fighting each other, they should stand united. And if they stand united, no one can touch them. Dean Ambrose hits Rollins and shows him the ground. Roman Reigns pushes Ambrose to the ground too. Seth Rollins slaps Dean on the face and he says he makes him feel better. Dean hits back onto the face of Seth. Seth stands up and once again raises his hand to get united again. Roman Reigns goes in front and accepts friendship. Dean Ambrose takes his time, but he accepts the friendship too.

Match 4 – Sheamus defeats Alberto Del Rio. It was a very good match. Both athletes are excellent. Sheamus pins Alberto Del Rio with the Brogue kick.

The Wyatt Family taunts John Cena

Maine event – Daniel Bryan and Big Show defeat Kane and Batista. Good match, Daniel Bryan pins Kane for the win. Bryan and Big Show celebrate as the show goes off air.

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