WWE SummerSlam 2015 Review and Results: Part 1

Jeet / 24 August 2015

Here is the complete review of WWE Summerslam all the way from WWE.com:

The Undertaker def. Brock Lesnar

The record will show that The Beast has been slain, and the demons of The Undertaker have been laid to rest. The reality, though, is more complicated than that.

Sixteen months after The Phenom’s life’s work was taken from him by Brock Lesnar, The Deadman found redemption in a confrontation that was deemed “Too Big For WrestleMania.” He defeated The Beast Incarnate through a development that was partially a gift from Heaven and partially some magic of the devil himself, with a hefty helping of rulebook jargon to go with it. Officially, yes, The Undertaker won. Whether Brock Lesnar was truly defeated in the purest sense, however, will be a question for historians to decide.

Ironically, The Deadman’s victory — such as it was — snapped another, lesser known streak: A winless stretch against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. It was another historic shortcoming that surely spurred The Phenom into action when Lesnar pounced on him before the bell even rang, lending an air of lawlessness to the most eagerly anticipated rematch in WWE history. Things got grittier from there when the match finally did begin in earnest, as Lesnar immediately floored The Phenom with a double-leg takedown and mashed his face in with forearms and fists.

Despite Lesnar’s track record with the ground-and-pound style, it was Undertaker who drew first blood with a face full of turnbuckle for his opponent. And yet Lesnar still forced The Phenom into Suplex City with a bevvy of belly-to-bellies and Germans, and a detour into F-5 County that sent Undertaker spiraling through the commentary table.

That this didn’t send The Deadman into the grave once and for all was shock enough. Yet clearly, this Undertaker was not the same beaten wretch that hobbled out of WrestleMania 30 with The Streak stripped from him. Lesnar knew as much, baiting and reeling Undertaker to stand and fight. Much to his surprise, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion did just that, chokeslamming The Beast and opening the gates of Tombstone City with a spike of his own into the canvas. That only notched two counts, but left both Superstars sprawled on the mat until Lesnar, much like last year’s SummerSlam, sat bolt-upright in a mockery of The Deadman’s countless returns from the brink.

As Lesnar chuckled bemusedly, The Demon of Death Valley roared in his face and found his second wind, thundering back into the advantage by countering a top-rope Kimura Lock into the Last Ride. But The Beast is made of stronger stuff than that, and The Deadman ultimately found himself on the receiving end of two more F-5’s and a wicked Kimura Lock that, after what seemed like an eternity, apparently forced Undertaker to submit.

Due to the position of The Deadman’s shoulders on the mat, official Charles Robinson was checking his shoulders for a pin, and couldn’t see The Undertaker tap for release on his own leg outside the ref’s vantage point. The timekeeper, however, did see The Phenom tap, and signaled for the end of the match with the bell. The miscommunication led to a shouting match between the timekeeper and the official, during which The Undertaker low-blowed an unsuspecting Lesnar just in time for the bout to be restarted. The Deadman locked in a second Hell’s Gate and, with Lesnar weakened and nowhere near the ropes, he half-commanded, half-begged The Anomaly to submit.

Brock Lesnar obeys no man, however, living or dead. Even as the lights began to fade and defeat reared its head, The Beast refused to allow his foe the satisfaction of a submission, raising a defiant gesture directly in The Undertaker’s face as he slid into unconsciousness. The bell tolled again, this time officially, and The Undertaker won. Only there was no celebration. No confetti. No Deadman kneeling over Lesnar’s remains with his serpentine tongue stuck through his fangs. Instead, The Undertaker took his win and returned back into the void while Paul Heyman blew a gasket, declaring Lesnar the rightful winner by virtue of a submission that everyone except the referee had seen.

To some, this will even the score and The Undertaker, spurred by a year’s worth of disgrace, did what he had to do to win. To others, Lesnar is owed satisfaction, wherever and whenever that may come. Officially, The Deadman can claim the victory that has eluded him ever since that fateful night in New Orleans and Lesnar goes home on the losing end. Yet with the question of dominance still unanswered between them, it’s highly unlikely that either The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar for that matter will truly rest in peace.

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton

Sheamus kicked off a special four-hour SummerSlam by nearly Brogue Kicking Randy Orton’s head off for a hard-fought victory in the sold-out Barclays Center.

In recent months, the rivalry between the two tough-as-nails competitors proved to be as intense as it was vicious. At SummerSlam Kickoff, Sheamus declared that he would Brogue Kick The Apex Predator out of the picture after Orton stopped him from cashing in his Money in the Bank contract several weeks ago.

In the opening moments of their contest, Orton tried to end things immediately  with an RKO.. When Sheamus exited the ring and began beating the WWE Universe for calling his mohawk “stupid,” his focused opponent attacked him on the SummerSlam announce table, and the action was off and running.

The Celtic Warrior soon roared back and unleashed a malicious assault on Orton, including a flying knee, backbreaker and anything else he could think of to soften up the target of his rage. Yet no matter what he threw at Orton, the 12-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion would not give in. Before long, he hurled Sheamus over the top rope  to the outside floor.

At the height of the action, Sheamus went for a Battering Ram over the top rope, only to be hit with an RKO “outta nowhere.” However, the first-ever Irish-born World Champion was once again able to roll out of the ring to avoid being pinned. When Orton went for a punt to the skull, The Celtic Warrior countered with White Noise. Moments later, Sheamus fulfilled his promise and hit not one, but two jaws–shattering Brogue Kicks for an impressive victory.

Now that “Mr. Money in the Bank” has overcome The Viper at The Biggest Event of the Summer, will anything stand in the way of him cashing in his coveted contact and becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins def. United States Champion John Cena in a Winner Takes All Match

Thanks to their SummerSlam showdown, there now exists a key difference between John Cena and Seth Rollins. Unlike the Cenation leader, Rollins no longer needs quotation marks to describe himself as the “real Champ.”

One hundred forty-seven days after they won their respective titles at WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins defeated John Cena at SummerSlam in a Winner Takes All Match, thus securing the former’s WWE World Heavyweight Title reign and ending the latter’s tour as U.S. Champion. Rollins sealed Cena’s fate with a Pedigree on to a steel chair provided by former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who shocked the WWE Universe by coming to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s rescue in the closing moments of the match.

The encounter at Barclays Center in Brooklyn almost didn’t happen at all. Four weeks prior to the 2015 edition of SummerSlam, the Cenation leader suffered a broken nose during a successful U.S. Title defense on Raw against Rollins. Cena underwent emergency surgery for the injury, and his SummerSlam status remained in limbo until mere days before WWE’s hottest event of the summer.

For his part, Rollins’ motivation for a rematch with Cena included far more than revenge for their Raw showdown. The Davenport, Iowa, native publicly declared his hope of adding the U.S. Title to his trophy case, but privately has dealt with criticism of his championship pedigree as well as claims of his reign being regularly protected by The Authority.

Cena’s stature and strength set the tone in the bout’s early moments. While the crowd feverishly chanted their thoughts about the U.S. Champion, Cena, who competed without any kind of protective mask to protect his recent nose injury, powered past his opponent with a series of takedowns and shoulder blocks that demonstrated his physical capabilities in the ring.

Momentum stayed behind Cena until Rollins started to show off an arsenal of moves that was as flashy as the all-white outfit he wore to ringside. The maneuvers, from a wicked neck breaker to to a vicious chest stomp from the top rope to a successful Figure Four Leglock reversal, each appeared as part of the former Shield defector’s overall goal — expose the vulnerability of the 15-time World Champion’s broken nose by hitting him with a Pedigree.

Nothing Rollins tried led to the desired outcome, but a change of fortune came his way thanks to the unfortunate positioning of the referee. A late Attitude Adjustment by Cena knocked out his rival and the ring official, who suffered an unfortunate collision during the U.S. Champion’s execution of his signature finishing move. The confusion left the Cenation leader struggling to stay in control and signaled the start of a controversial moment that will leave the WWE Universe talking for years to come.

Jon Stewart, who was on hand at Barclays Center to serve as the host of SummerSlam, rushed out to the ring with a steel chair. Stewart initially pointed the chair at Rollins, a Superstar whose checkered past with the former “Daily Show” host includes a physical altercation on Raw last March as well as multiple confrontations on the Comedy Central program.

However, the SummerSlam host revealed his true reason for being at ringside by hitting a weary Cena with the steel chair. Stewart cemented his role in the scandalous moment by leaving the chair in the center of the ring, allowing Rollins to finally connect his planned Pedigree and finish off his foe for good.

The victory makes Rollins just the second Superstar to claim a victory in a Winner Takes All bout at SummerSlam, putting him in the company of Jeff Jarrett, who won the Intercontinental and European Titles at SummerSlam 1999. Cena, who is now winless at SummerSlam since 2010, concludes his fourth U.S. Championship tenure with a mark of 147 days, which stands as his longest reign with the coveted title.

Intercontinental Champion Ryback def. Big Show and The Miz (Triple Threat Match)

Intercontinental Champion Ryback held onto his title by pinning The Miz, who was left vulnerable after a brutal KO Punch from Big Show.

At the start of the bout, Big Show looked strong against Ryback and The Miz, reversing an attempted double suplex, turning the tables on his foes. Then, The World’s Largest Athlete choke slammed Ryback on top of Miz.

But Ryback battled back with a spine buster to Big Show, followed by Shell Shocked to Miz. As the bout continued, Miz tried to capitalize on the war-torn bigger competitors, going for repeated pinfall attempts on both opponents.

In the end, it was a massive KO Punch from Big Show to Miz that left The Awesome One incapacitated. Seizing the moment, Ryback pinned the A-lister to retain his prestigious Intercontinental Title.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

A turf war erupted inside the Barclays Center, and when the smoke cleared, the bond between Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose proved to be too strong for the reunited Wyatt Family.

The much-anticipated brawl started out at a breakneck pace, with all four gladiators slugging it out on the floor. After Reigns hurled The Eater of Worlds into the timekeeper’s area, Ambrose sprinted across all three announce tables and launched himself at the menacing preacher. The villainous pair of Wyatt & Harper quickly bounced back, however, and took over with a blistering series of destructive moves, including Wyatt dropping Reigns back-first onto the ring apron with a urine.

Once order was restored, relatively speaking, and the action returned to the ring, Harper and Wyatt took advantage of quick tags, punishing Ambrose in the process. After a grueling struggle, the resilient Lunatic Fringe managed to tag The Big Dog into the match, and Reigns clobbered Harper with thunderous clotheslines and slams.

Having telegraphed his Superman Punch, Reigns soon fell victim to a targeted superkick by the Superstar with the hundred-yard stare, followed by a sit-out powerbomb. The New Face of Fear and his loyal follower’s subsequent attempt at a double team move, though, went awry, as Reigns broke free of Harper’s grip and connected with a Superman Punch on Wyatt as the sinister Superstar came off the middle rope.

Just then, Reigns & Ambrose showed off the teamwork that helped make The Shield one of the most dominating factions ever, connecting with a combination powerbomb/elbow drop that nearly ended the bout.

Amazingly, Wyatt rebounded and almost dropped Ambrose with the Sister Abigail moments later, yet Ambrose countered, hitting the Dirty Deeds and tagging in Reigns, who cut Wyatt in half with a powerful Spear for the win. With the huge SummerSlam victory, have Reigns & Ambrose finally put the threat of Wyatt & Harper behind them?

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