The New Day captures WWE Tag Team Titles in Fatal 4-Way

The New Day captured its second WWE Tag Team Title at SummerSlam thanks to capitalizing on the chaos of Fatal 4-Way rules.

The Prime Time Players, The New Day, Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores traded wins for much of the summer. But in SummerSlam’s Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Title Match, Kofi Kingston’s veteran instincts proved to be the difference maker.

The Fatal 4-Way rules stated that only two competitors could be legal at a time, and the first Superstar to score a pinfall or submission would win the bout for his team. The New Day wasted no time in exploiting these rules, with Big E trying to pin his own teammate Kingston. The other teams frantically broke up the pinfall, though, kick-starting the wild action.

After a frenetic display by Kalisto, Darren Young became the first of the reigning champions to enter the bout. A pair of sneaky tags by Kingston allowed The New Day to isolate Young in their corner, though. While Big E and Kingston stomped away, Xavier Woods talked trash at ringside.

With Young struggling to his feet, Kingston took the top rope to deliver a final blow, but Young countered with an inverted atomic drop and tagged in teammate Titus O’Neil.

All of the challenging competitors converged on O’Neil, but he tossed them aside like stuffed animals. With so many competitors charging into the ring, it became tough to keep track of the two legal Superstars, which Kingston capitalized on.

Amid the tumultuous action, which included a diving Spear by Big E onto the other Superstars, Kingston tagged O’Neil to become the legal Superstar.

Assuming he was still legal, O’Neil floored one of Los Matadores with the Clash of the Titus, but Big E and Kingston quickly pushed him from the ring, allowing Kingston to score the decisive pinfall.

Stephen Amell & Neville def. Stardust & King Barrett

After months of a heated social media exchange and one very physical encounter, the rivalry between the star of the hit show “Arrow” – Stephen Amell – and Stardust finally came to a head at SummerSlam. Teamed with Neville, Amell vanquished Stardust and King Barrett at The Biggest Party of the Summer in his in-ring debut.

As the multiverse collided and the epic crossover commenced, Neville waited at the entranceway for his tag team partner. Amell didn’t disappoint and stunned both the WWE Universe and comic book fans alike when he entered Barclays Center donning his iconic Green Arrow hood and jacket. Underneath the Emerald Archer garb, Amell was sporting his latest charity T-shirt – the only official “Amell vs. Stardust” shirt. (The shirt is available at until the conclusion of Monday Night Raw. All proceeds benefit the Toronto-based Emily’s House for children.)

Beginning on Memorial Day on Raw with a tense stare down, Amell and The Prince of Dark Matter engaged in an intense social media war as Stardust searched for the hero to his villain. Months later Stardust attacked his WWE rival Neville following a bout with King Barrett. After the brazen attack he turned to Amell at ringside and pushed him in the face. In turn, Amell hopped the barricade and took down his arch-nemesis – ultimately leading to a match at SummerSlam.

While he was certainly dressed for his latest role, Amell didn’t take the daunting task before him lightly. During a SummerSlam Kickoff interview alongside his tag team partner, the “Arrow” star was well aware of the risk involved and his inexperience inside the squared circle even though he often performs his own stunts on “Arrow.” Still, he and Neville remained confident, certain to let actions speak louder than words and tweets.

That’s exactly what happened when the dynamic duos finally met inside the ring. Though The Prince of Dark Matter and The Cosmic King donned their new villainous capes, the evildoers were caught off-guard by the quickness of Neville early on before Barrett made the tag to Stardust.

As The Prince of Dark Matter jumped over the ropes into the squared circled, he called for Amell. Neville obliged making the call and Amell mocked his rival and jumped over the ropes to confront him. The Prince of Dark Matter pushed Amell who impressively kipped up and kicked his rival in the chest.

Stardust tried to overpower Amell, but the athletic Hollywood star held his own, showing off his rigorous training regimen and proving that he does belong in a WWE ring. Not expecting Amell’s physicality, Stardust tagged in his partner who took control of the bout. With Amell reeling, the cosmic evildoers made it their goal to make the TV star regret stepping into the ring.

Barrett and Stardust worked to dismantle Amell, but the star of “Arrow” kept fighting, countering Stardust’s overconfidence with an enzuigiri and making the tag to Neville. The Man that Gravity Forgot regained control of the match. As he removed the dastardly duo from the ring and prepared to leap over the top rope, Amell called his partner off. In a jaw-dropping move, Amell proved he may very well be the Green Arrow and leapt from the top rope to the outside taking down both his opponents. Tossing Barrett back in the ring, Neville executed the Red Arrow and secured the pinfall.

When the final bell rang, Amell and Neville stood victorious; undoubtedly the heroes Stardust and King Barrett were looking for. At SummerSlam, Stardust failed this city.

Kevin Owens def. Cesaro

At SummerSlam, the words on the lips of the WWE Universe weren’t “Walk Owens Walk” or anything of that sort, but “Win Owens Win,” after Kevin Owens picked up an important victory over Cesaro at the sold-out Barclays Center.

Though he was just one night removed from a grueling NXT Championship Ladder Match, Owens seemingly had the upper hand early in the bout, sending Cesaro to the arena floor with a hard forearm to the jaw, following up with a somersault senton over the ropes. However, the brawler spent a little too much time running his mouth to the WWE Universe, allowing Cesaro to recover and hit a twisting dive of his own.

Cesaro had a brief spurt of offense, but Owens willed his way back into control, crushing The Swiss Superman with a cannonball into the unforgiving ringside barricade. The former NXT Champion slowed the bout down to his pace by wearing Cesaro down in between high-impact maneuvers. Owens urged Cesaro to stay down, but only fired his rival up when he slapped him in the face.

The Swiss Superman staggered Owens with a flurry of European uppercuts before displaying his unbelievable strength, hoisting the 266-pound Owens off the ropes for a deadlift gutwrench suplex. Though he dizzied Owens with a Cesaro Swing, The Swiss Superman came out on the bad end of a tussle on the top rope. Owens crotched his rival on the top turnbuckle before hitting Cesaro with a twisting neckbreaker off the top and then his patented Pop-up Powerbomb to earn the win.

Kevin Owens made a huge statement at The Biggest Event of the Summer and began running his mouth to anyone within shouting distance. Now that he has a much-needed victory in his back pocket, what will the prizefighter turn his sights on now?

PCB def. Team Bella and Team B.A.D.

The revolution marches on. And at SummerSlam, a trio of Divas originating from NXT reveled in the upheaval. Paige, Charlotte & Becky Lynch, known collectively as PCB, toppled Team Bella and Team B.A.D. in a Three-Team Elimination Match.

Ever since Stephanie McMahon introduced Charlotte, Lynch and then-NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks to the WWE roster, the Divas division has consistently offered some of WWE’s most riveting bouts. Their chaotic clash at SummerSlam proved no exception.

Despite a flood of trash talk by both Team Bella (Divas Champion Nikki Bella, Brie Bella & Alicia Fox) and Team B.A.D. (Banks, Naomi and Tamina), neither squad could overcome the obvious bond that’s formed between PCB.

That bond was evident from the opening bell. Paige, Charlotte & Becky came out firing, but it was Brie who scored the first pin on Tamina and eliminated Team B.A.D. When there were but two teams left, things got dicey for PCB when Nikki had Becky in the Rack Attack. It was her teammates, however, who dove in to rescue the flame-haired beauty. PCB would be tested again after Paige endured an Alabama Slammer from Nikki outside the ring and narrowly avoided being counted out. In the end, though, PCB would rally on the strength of their connection and celebrate in the wake of Becky pinning Brie for the victory. The victory by PCB showed that the revolution will most certainly be televised.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev ended in a Double Count-out

After looking on from afar as Rusev and Summer Rae tormented Lana, the returning Dolph Ziggler valiantly defended his girlfriend at SummerSlam, bringing the fight to The Bulgarian Brute like never before. However, there was no decisive victor in this emotionally-charged grudge match, which ended on the outside floor when neither Ziggler nor Rusev could re-enter the ring before the referee’s 10-count.
Ditching her business suits for acid-washed denim, Lana beamed as Ziggler unleashed on Rusev in the early goings of the bout, attempting to counter the behemoth’s frightening strength with a rapid-fire flurry of punches. However, Rusev refused to go down, and soon trapped Ziggler in a monstrous bearhug. Summer Rae relished watching her man crush the life out of his smaller opponent, but her smile vanished when Ziggler escaped the hold, then reversed a gorilla press slam into an expertly executed DDT.

After thwarting Rusev’s attempt to launch an airborne attack and somehow bouncing back against a running senton from the 138-kilogram goliath, Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold and nearly put The Bulgarian Brute down for an impromptu nap. Shaking off the cobwebs, Rusev soon landed a superkick on The Showoff that left Ziggler susceptible to the Accolade submission hold. Lana pleaded for her boyfriend to fight out of the excruciating maneuver, prompting Summer to attempt to silence The Ravishing Russian with a slap. Lana countered Summer’s attempted attack with a stinging strike of her own.

Following Lana’s satisfying act of self-defense, a furious Rusev confronted Lana outside the ring, holding Ziggler’s battered form in front of her. Distracted, Lana was vulnerable to an ambush by Summer, while The Bulgarian Brute was surprised by a swift superkick onto the announce table. Ziggler crawled to the apron, but was unable to get into the ring before the referee counted to 10. As a result, the bout ended in a double count-out.
After the bell, Ziggler and Rusev continued the brutality, which led to a two-on-one assault as Summer entered the fray. Lana then latched onto Lana, forcing Ziggler and Rusev to pull their respective girlfriends apart. Clearly, the issues between these warring duos are far from resolved – but given how personal this rivalry has been in recent weeks, the ongoing strife is hardly surprising.

After Rusev sustained an ankle injury in May and verbally took out his frustrations on Lana week after week, The Ravishing Russian ended her relationship with the former United States Champion, finding solace – and liberation – by sparking up a new romance with The Showoff. This perceived betrayal only further infuriated the hulking Rusev who, once healed from his ankle ailment, savagely assaulted Ziggler with his crutch on the July 6 edition of Raw, bruising the former World Heavyweight Champion’s trachea and putting The Showoff on the shelf.

As Ziggler recovered, Rusev continued to emotionally torture Lana, and the mind games only escalated when Summer Rae – donning all-too-familiar skirts and with her blonde hair in a conspicuous bun- was revealed as the new object of The Bulgarian Brute’s affections. Lana would be driven to physically retaliate against her calculating doppelg¦nger, but she was ultimately rendered helpless during the Aug. 10 edition of Raw. That night, Rusev showed the true breadth of his cruelty as he commanded Summer to trap Lana in the Accolade. That disgusting display clearly lit a fire inside Ziggler, who raced back to Raw the following week to even the odds and to get some much-needed payback against his chauvinistic foe. This set the stage for their clash at SummerSlam in Brooklyn, which ended with Ziggler and Lana standing triumphant – even in a draw – while Rusev and Summer retreated up the entrance ramp.

How might Rusev and Summer Rae raise the stakes in their ongoing war with Dolph Ziggler and Lana? Will The Showoff and The Ravishing Russian be ready? No matter what happens next between these contentious couples, one thing’s certain: They won’t be double-dating anytime soon.

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