It all started at Payback pay per view event where Daniel Bryan was asked by Stephanie McMahon to surrender his WWE World Heavyweight championship due to the injury he had. He was given a condition that if he did not surrender the championship, his wife Brie Bella would be fired from WWE. On that night, Brie Bella decided to quit WWE. After that night, Stephanie McMahon kept humiliating Brie’s sister Nikki. In a taping of Monday Night Raw, Brie Bella was seen in the crowd as an audience who had a heated conversation with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie slapped her right into the face and security escorted her. Brie took legal action against her and forced her to get arrested. Brie was not a member of the WWE roster so she had the right to case a file against her. The very next week, Brie Bella was called by Stephanie McMahon at Monday Night Raw. Stephanie requested Brie to withdraw the case. Brie made two conditions, the first one was easily accepted by Stephanie McMahon, brie wanted job back, Stephanie was glad to give it back to her. But the second one made Stephanie totally shocked, she wanted a match against her at Summerslam. Stephanie tried to say that she could not wrestle because she did not perform in the ring for eleven years. But Brie was determined, Stephanie had to grant her wish. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie brought Brie Bella’s physical therapist Megan miller and forced her to commit that she was having an affair with Daniel Bryan. Brie came out slapped Megan Miller right into the face. Stephanie now took legal action against her as she put her hands on Megan who was not a member of the squad. She forced her to arrested. That was all for the storyline so far. This one on one match was the conclusion of all stories.

The match started as Stephanie looked a little stronger than Brie. She pushed Brie to a turn buckle. Referee prevented the fight. After Steph pushed Brie twice to the ring, Brie took down Steph in the third time. She did the same thing fourth time again as Steph got a serious.

Steph tried to brie and Brie grabbed her back. Stephanie hit an elbow on Brie’s face. She pushed Brie to the nearby turn buckle hit a number of Elbow strikes and foot stomps. Stephanie was totally dominating Brie. She looked to be much stronger than Brie was. She tried to slap Brie, Brie blocked it and slapped her. She quickly tried to attack her, Brie countered and tried to lock her in the Yes Lock. Steph went outside to prevent the move.

Steph was outside the ring. Brie tried to jump on her from outside the ring but Steph hit her with the elbow which caused serious damage to Brie. Steph went inside and asked the referee to count. She wanted to win the match by count out. Brie went inside by the count of nine.

As Brie went in Steph hit a DDT on Brie. She attempted pin which Brie kicked out by the count of two. Steph started humiliating Brie as she dragged her by her hair. She tried to pin her after a neck swing which Brie kicked out by the count of two.

Steph locked brie in the Back Breaker submission maneuver. Brie remained locked in for a while and tried to fight back, but Steph grounded her again with a hair pull. She stomped Brie right into the face and locked back breaker submission maneuver again. Brie tried to fight back and again Steph pulled her hair and smashed her head on the floor. She went near on Brie’s face as brie kicked her right into the head. Steph attempted to a spear, Brie jumped and sat on Stephanie’s belly, she unloaded random punches. Steph somehow pushed her back.

Brie went near a turn buckle, Steph went near her as Brie hit an elbow strike which grounded Steph. She pushed Steph into the turn buckle and unloaded random kicks. Brie all fired up, she started dominating the match. Brie climbed on second turn buckle and hit a missile drop kick. She attempted a pin but Steph kicked out.

As Brie kept beating Steph badly, Triple H interfered.  Nikki Bella came behind Triple H. Steph tried to hit Pedigree but Brie Bella countered the move and locked Steph into the Yes Lock. Triple H dragged the referee outside viciously which knocked the referee out. Brie hit a running drop kick to Triple H. Triple H was out, Brie stood in front of him and started chanting yes.

Stephanie attempted to escape the ring, Nikki went inside and stood in front of her. Brie stood on the other side. Nikki surprisingly dragged Steph aside and hit Brie with the right hand. She gave her the helping hand and Steph stood up with a shocked smile on her face. Steph hit Pedigree on Brie. Referee went in, Steph attempted the pin and he got it. Stephanie McMahon defeated Brie Bella. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon celebrated on Brie and Nikki watched it all from outside.


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