The challenger came into the arena first followed the WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena. It does not seem that weird anymore to hear the fans cheering for the heel wrestler and booing the face that WWE wants him to be.

John Cena tried to get the early advantage as he jumped on the challenger and unloaded punches on him. Brock Lesnar dragged him down in the MMA style and started punching Cena on the mid section. Cena tried to fight back as Lesnar stunned everyone by hitting an F5 on Cena. He attempted the pin but Cena kicked out. Lesnar smiled at the audience and tried to show how easy it was for him.

‘Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks’ chant started among the fans. Cena tried to stand up by taking the support of Lesnar. As Cena stood up, Lesnar hit a German Suplex on Cena. Cena founded it real difficult to stand up. Lesnar went near him. He picked him up and hit another German Suplex.

Cena could not stand up, Lesnar kept hurting him with different moves like knee stomps and elbow strikes. He hit a supple next. As Lesnar went near him, Cena tried to fight back as he dragged him towards the turn buckle, he unloaded random punches but Lesnar grounded him again with a knee strike.

The domination of Lesnar continued. Cena looked badly hurt. Everytime Cena attempted to fight back, Lesnar grounded quite easily. Lesnar four back to back German Suplexes. Cena was out, he had no strength left to stand up. Lesnar attempted a pin which Cena kicked out. The domination turned into humiliation slowly. More German Suplexes were waiting for Cena. Still, Cena was determined not to quit.

Meanwhile, Cena tried to fight back as Lesnar wanted to hit another German Suplex. Lesnar quickly tried to hit F5, Cena slid out and hit the Attitude Adjustment, Cena attempted the pin but Lesnar kicked out.

When Lesnar finally looked out cold this time and suddenly he sat up quickly by mocking the Undertaker’s style, showing like nothing has happened to him. Cena looked more devastated who was sitting near a turn buckle. Lesnar called Cena to continue the fight. Cena ran towards him and Lesnar took him out as he unloaded random punches.

Lesnar picked Cena up and hit four back to back German Suplexes. As Cena stood up somehow, Lesnar hit three more German Suplexes. He asked the referee to ask Cena if he wanted to quit. Cena denied giving up. Lesnar went near him. Suddenly Cena dragged Lesnar by feet and locked the STF. Lesnar turned back and unloaded punches from top.

Lesnar picked Cena up and hit the F5. He attempted the pin and he got it. Cena had no strength left in him. Cena lost the title. Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena to become new WWE World Heavyweight championship.


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