Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022 featured a total of five matches only but all of them looked quite exciting on paper. This was also the debut of the war games on the main roster of WWE. Since Triple H took over WWE, we got to see some excellent matches on the pay per view events. So we are expecting some excellent matches from this event as well. Let us go through all the matches that took place in this event.

Match 1 – Women’s War Games match – Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim and Becky Lynch defeated Damage CTRL, Nikki Cross and Rhea Ripley

Survivor Series
Survivor Series. Image Credits: Twitter

WWE Survivor Series: War Games 2022 Results & Ratings

Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai started things off. Bianca totally dominated Dakota Kai for five minutes but after Iyo Sky entered the match, the Women’s Tag Team champions teamed up on Bianca. Asuka joined the match next And The babyface side completely dominated the next three minutes.

The next wrestler to join the match was Nikki Cross. She brought some weapons into the match like kendo sticks and garbage can lids. She beat down both Asuka and Bianca with the garbage can lids for the next couple of minutes. Alexa Bliss joined the match next and the next three minutes were all about kendo stick fights. Nikki Cross hit a Body Splash from on top of the cage on everyone.

Bayley entered the match next and brought two ladders and a table inside the ring. Mia Yim was the next person to enter the match who brought trash cans. Rhea Ripley was the last person to join the heel side and she dominated all four of her opponents. Becky Lynch was the last person to enter and after 28 minutes of brutal fights, WarGames finally began.

There were some excellent spots in the match, like Rhea Ripley put Mia Yim through a ladder and crashed it. At the end, Becky Lynch put both Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky through the table and pinned Dakota Kai to earn the victory for her side. The whole match was booked for 40 minutes and it was an amazing match.

Match 2 – AJ Styles defeated Finn Balor

Survivor Series
Survivor Series. Image Credits: Twitter

This match was booked for 18 minutes and it was an excellent match. However these two individuals are capable of delivering better matches. There were not enough near falls since both of their finishers had been protected for quite a long time. But the best thing about the match was not enough involvement from their respective teams.

It was totally unpredictable and a straight forward match. There was situations of classic face vs. heel battle as well as traditional one on one match. Both performers did really well to keep the fans entertained throughout the match. AJ Styles at the end pinned Finn Balor with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Match 3 – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship – Ronda Rousey defeated Shotzi

Survivor Series
Survivor Series. Image Credits: Twitter

This match was booked for only seven minutes and it was an easy win for the champion. This match might have been the most predictable match of the whole evening, and if WWE had plans for Ronda to dominate the match like this, what was the point of booking this match? Ultimately it did not turn out to be a big push for Shotzi either.

Throughout the match it never look like Shotzi had any serious claims over the title. Shayna Baszler had some involvements during the match, but it was not that important. At the end of the match, Ronda hit a Piper’s Pit on Shotzi and made her submit with the Cross Armbar.

Match 4 – WWE United States Championship – Austin Theory defeated Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley

Survivor Series
Survivor Series. Image Credits: Twitter

This match was booked for over 15 minutes and it was certainly the best match of the night apart from the War Games matches. This was the best possible booking of the match to have Theory win it. He seriously needed this win to keep his new momentum going. And WWE chose the perfect man to win.

About the match it was really good. It was full of unpredictability. Was impossible to predict throughout the match who would be winning it. Nobody in particular dominated the match, however everybody expected Bobby Lashley to dominate. At the end of it, Seth was attempting a Suplex on Theory, Lashley hit a Spear on Theory in this position and Theory quickly pinned Rollins before Lashley could do anything.

Match 5 – Men’s War Games Match – The Bloodline defeated Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre and The Brawling Brutes

Survivor Series
Survivor Series. Image Credits: Twitter

Butch and Jey Uso started the fight. After a brutal five minutes fight, Ridge Holland joined frame and the Brutes got a two on one advantage. They teamed up on Jey and kept beating him down until Sami Zayn entered the frame. Jimmy Uso was actually scheduled to join next but Roman ordered Sami to get into it.

Sami hesitated to get into the fight with two men at once. But he entered the ring and joined the fight as Jey took on the duo. Jey and Sami struggled to team up at first as Jey did not want to team with Sami. But they finally allied and fought the Brutes. Drew McIntyre joined the match next and dominated Sami and Jey.

Jimmy Uso joined the frame next and inserted three tables inside the ring. Once again there were miscommunications betweens Jey and Sami. Kevin Owens was the next wrestler to join to brought steel chairs. One of the tables already broke as Owens put Jimmy through a table.

Solo Sikoa joined the match next and totally dominated the Brutes for the next three minutes. Really impressive performance from the youngster. Sheamus joined next and capitalised the five on four advantage. Roman Reigns joined at last and the match finally began after half an hour of massive fight.

Survivor Series
Survivor Series. Image Credits: Twitter

There was a position where the two teams stood on each ring staring at each other and it was a really cool moment. A gang war started between the two sides and the face side got over the heels. All five men held their respective opponents and everyone did the Beats of Bodhran. It was a really fun moment. The crowd was totally hooked.

The fight finally got even after a while. At a point Sami was holding Butch and Jey attempted a super kick on Butch but Butch ducked and he accidentally hit Sami. Finally Bloodline got on the driving seat. But Owens was the man who got the Brutes in front again and nailed Roman with a Powerbomb and a Stunner.

As Owens attempted to pin Roman, Sami hold the hand of the referee just before the three count and he did not attack his friend. Owens and Sami stood face to face. Jimmy attempted to hit the Superkick on Owens but Owens caught his feet. Suddenly Sami shocked everyone by hitting a low blow on Owens and then a Helluva Kick on his best friend.

Jey was getting on his feet. He then asked Jey to hit the Frog Splash. Jey pinned Owens after the Frog Splash. Roman Reigns hugged Sami Zayn after the match. And the best moment was when Jey hugged Sami. The hatchets are finally buried. The Bloodline celebrated together as this year’s Survivor Series went off air.

Overall, Survivor Series 2022  was a brilliant event, everything was perfectly balanced and perhaps all the decisions were for the best future outcomes. The women’s WarGames match was good. It did not receive a very strong build but the match was cool. All the women that were involved in the match did really amazing.

AJ Styles vs Finn Balor was a very good match but honestly we expected a better match since these two wrestlers are capable of delivering 5 star matches. The Smackdown Women’s Championship match was the worst match of the night. The triple threat United States championship match was the best match apart from the war games matches. Theory needed to win this match and he won.

The men’s WarGames match was undoubtedly the best match of the night and it told an excellent story. It showed how valuable the Bloodline storyline is. It was booked in an amazing way. The ending of the match could not have been any better than this. We give Survivor Series 2022 4 out of 5. One star has to be deducted for the weak Women’s Championship match.

Sportzwiki Ratings – 4/5