WWE Top 5 rumors of the week: February 27, 2016

Editor Sportzwiki / 01 March 2016

With #CancelWWENetwork going on around the world after Roman Reigns’ win at the disastrous PPV i.e. WWE Fastlane, WWE Creative has stored some treat for the fans at the next night on RAW. It had given a spectacular moment to remember after ages. The return of Shane-O-Mac has indeed brought major unpredictability to the table which may cause some serious changes in the WWE products in near future. With rumors flying around the big names, let’s wait no further and look on the top 5 rumor of the week.

Reigns’ has a kayfabe injury

Triple h delivered a vicious attack on Roman Reigns with just five weeks away from Wrestlemania which caused him tasting his own blood. WWE had issued an injury statement that Reigns had a shattered nose and needed to undergo a surgery aftermath. But reports from Dave Meltzer say it’s not an injury after all and if it’s an injury then it was not due to the attack. Talents backstage claim that Reigns has had issues with his nose for some time and this was the right time to deal with it. Fans are not happy with the current flag bearer of the company and this ‘storyline’ surgery will keep him away for some days which in turn will create sympathy for the Samoan Superman. With WWE firmly behind Reigns, Reigns is surely walking out of Wrestlemania as a three-time WWE champion.

Rumored matches in Wrestlemania card

With the fans wanting a triple threat match at Wrestlemania, it may not turn out that way. The plan has now been changed to have a one-on-one match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte. That means Becky will lose the no.1 contenders match on RAW this Monday and there will be no interference or double count-out.

In the case of tag team titles, the New Day is about to start a feud with the League of Nations and will square-off at Wrestlemania. Two stables had already started a Twitter war among themselves and likely to continue that in coming weeks.

Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens is without an opponent as of now, and supposedly will have AJ Styles for the title. He dropped a tweet which gave a boost to the rumors.

Shane-O-Mac may not be available after Wrestlemania

Unpredictability will make the road to Wrestlemania a roller-coaster ride courtesy Shane McMahon but then it’s bad news for the fans. It’s being said that McMahon scion will not be available further post-Wrestlemania. Though WWE Creative is planning overtime to chalk a number of plans for him, his future is still not confirmed. Irrespective of who wins at Wrestlemania, Undertaker or Shane, only time will tell what lies for Shane in future.

Brand split coming post-Wrestlemania

The boss himself dropping an f-bomb in TV is indeed an indication of things to change. As per backstage reports, till the road to Wrestlemania, we can hear more of this violence, more blood as seen on Roman Reigns and can see any of that non-PG stuff on TV. WWE will leave no chances to create more hype for the grandest show and after that, we may have a brand split. The rumors are that we will be taken back to the Attitude Era glory, of course not to the fullest but to offer as much entertainment it can produce. As reported earlier Ticketmaster has advertised one episode as WWE Monday night RAW vs. WWE and the Extreme Rules PPV has been re-scheduled.

WWE’s who’s who will be there

To satisfy 80,000 people present at the AT&T stadium WWE is obviously banking on the Star power, to say the least. While The Rock and Ric Flair will be there, the additional names are supposedly Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They will be there to be involved in one or two segments to entertain the crowds. Though, their presence and in which capacity they will be present, nothing is confirmed yet. Goldberg too was considered for a presence but reports from Dave Meltzer have shattered those possibilities.

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