In Pictures: Rusev and Lana's wedding date, Total Divas planning

WWE US champion Rusev and Lana reveals wedding date and planning

The United States champion Rusev is in a relationship with the ravishing Russian Lana and it’s known to all to every fan courtesy WWE’s storyline which features them as a couple. It is a rare case where the real life couple is also being projected as the on-screen couple. But, that’s what exactly happened in this scenario.lana5
Since his arrival in WWE, Lana has worked with Rusev as his manager and made millions of fans, perhaps even more than Lana. The increasing popularity and some sort of creative differences made the couple parting away on-screen while they never really were apart from each other. Where the storyline was showing that she is in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Lana shared pictures of their engagement to declare it to the world. On the other hand, despite all the heel acts we could hear the “WE WANT LANA” chants.



So, with the engagement picture going viral on the social media WWE had no choice but to re-unite them in the storyline. As a result, Lana split with Ziggler and same was done for Rusev with Summer Rae. Upon their reunion on Raw, they spoke their heart out and declared to get married in the near future. The latest reports from suggest that the wedding date has been fixed on September 2, 2016.

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Now, the interesting part is that Lana will join the cast of the Total Divas in the next season. So, that does make sense when the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that next season of Total Divas will film the entire wedding of the duo. Previously, on Total Divas, the weddings of Daniel Bryan-Brie Bella, Jimmy Uso-Naomi, and Tyson Kidd-Natalya have also been telecasted.

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Rusev has got back his United States title for the second time, toppling the former champion Kalisto with quite an ease. Lana was back in his corner since his number one contender days and the couple looks rock solid as per the storyline, right now.

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