Shane-O-Mac’s returned and returned in a big time when it was needed the most. Perhaps, it was the last gasp out of the WWE Creative while the ratings were slowing down and #cancelwwenetwork was on worldwide trend after the Fastlane pay-per-view. The Authority storyline was getting cliché at times and it desperately needed a change. The crowd got just mad when Shane returned to stand against his father and wanted to take over Monday Night Raw. I mean, that’s what they were expecting for years and to make things even better Vince twisted the plot and put him in a match against The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania. The match, that will decide WWE Monday Night Raw’s fate. So, what can be the outcomes of this one? Let’s take a look with Wrestlemania only 3 weeks away from now.


Undertaker wins clean

This is the most likely outcome of the match as the Phenome is sure shot winner in the grandest stage and Shane is a no match up considering the heavy names that he faced in the past years. Also, for post-Wrestlemania Vince, Stephanie and Triple H have been advertised but there’s no mention of Shane in the cards. With this being the case, WWE Creative will have to come out with something fresh as WWE Universe will not want to get into the same old Authority storyline after Wrestlemania.



Shane McMahon wins

Now that can happen as a clean victory or by some interference but still stands with a possibility considering the streak has already been broken and if a major change awaits post-Wrestlemania. Undertaker wins this year will give nothing much for the storyline while Shane wins will give thunderous and an automatic boost to the storyline and audience. But, Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania with a non-wrestler like Shane and that too, not in his prime will make a black spot on his legacy. So, the third option of letting Taker win and still finding a way to Shane taking over Monday Night Raw is what’s best for business.


Twist in the tale

Fans will love the twist of Taker winning but still Shane finds a way to take control of Raw the next night. If you have watched the video clipping where Vince was making the match official, you must have noticed that Vince declared that in order to gain control of Raw Shane needs to have “…have one match, one night…”. He never really uttered the word “must win” for Shane. Maybe this one thread will help Shane to claim his demand from his father. Also, by mistake WWE has advertised one Raw post-Wrestlemania as WWE Monday Night Raw vs. Raw which points out the fact that Shane getting control of Raw. The third outcome is the most expected for the fans but everything here is under speculation. We have to wait and watch what happens at Wrestlemania.

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