Which Games Are At The Forefront Of India’s eSports Market?

Although eSports has recently established itself as one of the fastest-growing markets in India, it first rose to prominence in the country back in 2012. Since then, Startup Talky reports that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been the region’s most popular competitive gaming

eSports: New Zealand Tests New Rocket League Property

Rocket League, the video game best described as soccer with cars, has been curiously absent from the mobile market despite the platform becoming integral to the success of many of its competitors, including Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG. However, developer Psyonix

La Liga 2021 Season Overview and Winner Predictions

The La Liga2020/2021 season has almost been wrapped up, with just a few games to go, bringing various highs, lows, drama, and unlimited excitement for the football universe. As always, there have been some big matches on the card that made or

Esports Movers And Shakers In 2021

Esports continues to draw a lot of attention, inspired by the rapid growth witnessed over the last few years. 2020, particularly, was a big year for eSports. After the pandemic, more people realized the potential, and the convenience of the venture and

Sports Betting: Act like A Pro

Sports betting has had an important role to play since ancient times just like gambling has been going on for centuries. As long as sports have been around so has been the act of wagering on them. Sports betting is primarily fun

Independent Vs Regulated Gambling Operators

Gambling houses have thrived since their establishment in the 17th century and have evolved with the changing demands of users. And in the process, these casinos have bifurcated into two types- the regulated ones and the independent ones. The local regulated gambling

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