5 reasons why Indians are the best fans in the cricket world

5 Reasons Why Indians Are The Best Fans In The Cricket World

Indian Fans
Indian Fans

India is the home of many sports. There are many great sportspersons in the country but sadly cricket captures all the imaginations of the Indian citizen. For the crazy Indian fans, cricket is their religion and cricketers are their gods. Cricket is a household game; every Indian kid plays the game at least in their childhood.

Gully cricket is one of the famous entertainment for Indian fans. While many watch their favourite game from home many go to the stadium to catch up on the glimpse of their favourite stars. India has thousands of stadium across the country and millions of cricketers play the game in a different division and leagues of the country. India has become a commercial hub for the international owing to the popularity of the game in this country.

5 Reasons Why Indians Are The Best Fans In The Cricket World

When the match starts, India standstill

Indian Fans
Indian Fans. Image Credits: Twitter

In India cricket has its devotees. During the game of India people finished off their jobs before the start of the match to avoid any unnecessary situations that force him to miss the match on TV, you can bet that he will be following it with the same passion listening to the radio commentary in the paddy field or scrolling cricket app at the office.

As the magnitude of the sports, the intensity level in the country also increases as a whole. The busy congested roads look deserted when India took Sri Lanka in 2011 World Cup final is a testimony to this statement and proves the importance the Indian attributes to the game of cricket.

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