Ashwin is adding leg-spin to his repertoire

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 31 December 2015

The no.1 Test ranking bowler and all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin is adding a leg-beak bowling in his variation basket. The 29-years old Indian off-spinner revealed about his new trick of bowling.  

He said, “I always keep trying things. I feel if a batsman can play a reverse sweep, I can also bowl leg-break. With that thought, I have been trying the leg-break and I think I have mastered it now. But I will be sure when I unleash one in a match situation and take the top of off-stump. The next one is probably the googly and the flipper, but I haven’t tried those.”

Ashwin was in a great form in 2015 as he picked up 62 wickets in the Test cricket at an impressive average of 17.20. He was at his best specially in the last six months.

Ashwin also remarked the “Carrom Ball” as a safe ball while the controversial “Doosra” was remarked as not that kind of safe ball.

Ashwin said, “Carrom ball is a proper knuckle ball and it can’t be bowled with an off-spinner’s grip. It is a finger-spinning ball and you don’t use the wrist or elbow to bowl it… it’s like a legal leg-break. But I don’t think the doosra can be bowled without bending your arm, may be the top-spinner but not the doosra.”

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