Will the hat-trick of Return of Banned stuff be completed in India?

Will the hat-trick of Return of Banned stuff be completed in India?

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We are Indians, emotional to the core. Be it our childhood toys or parting from parents for job, we cry for it all. We get attached to things that come our way. Like we got attached to Maggi.

Yes, we 90s kids grew up with that messy slurpy lumps of concentrated noodles packed in lunch box. Remember how we used to turn heroes/heroines of the day when mom cooked maggie for tiffin? Everyone would gather around and ask for your health and marks and discuss how English ma’am was completely hopeless in giving that much of homework till you had asked ‘You want a share?’. Then those study nights in friends’ mess when you had nothing else to eat and not even knew how to cook. That 10-attempts-succesful turning on the gas, and then that blissful hot soupy maggie that saved the backs…haah! Maggie got banned, something like Lead was found in it. But is that worse than Nicotene also? Or the continuous pollution that we are taking in? It’s like we lost our good old friend. Mate, we miss you.

Like it was not enough, like we were to suffer more, much more than that – Government banned our night time studies. However, we had replaced 60% of the blank space that Maggie left with utilising the unlimited internet tariff fully. Lisa Anne, Mia Khalifa became our favourite actresses and our day’s stress busted with…sorry for getting emotional. From when do you think we knew Sunny Leone? Our basic rights and privacy interrupted and you thought we would sit silent? The country roared!

Finally, not being able to combat with our combined attack, they gave us 90% back ! We won. It is not said just like that – “United we stand, divided we fall( no pun for fall please)”. And guess what? Maggi is about to make a grand comeback as well! ‘Achhe din a gaye!’ Cheers, Beers and everything!

But there is one thing, that is yet to comeback. It’s a talent, that took a hat-trick. The only person from Kerala to do so! The one who got Sir Brian Charles Lara for a duck, got eight wickets against South Africa. The name? Much debated now, he is Sreesanth! He was the chocolate boy of Blue brigade, every girl’s sweet crush, one of the finest bowlers but then? Things turned the other way round. An accusation of spot-fixing, and banned. Another ban!

Though the court cleaned him off charges, he is still banned. He is doing movies, he smiles, he says he is happy. But can a cook be happy without cooking? A painter without painting? If maggie can comeback and be accepted, if we can bring back porn sites, then why can’t we bring back our bowling hero when he is proved to be clean? People can gather to save an entire team that is declared banned, then why not for a talent? Can we do that together? Do we want to?

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