Cricketers Who Have Had Criminal Cases Against Them
Cricketers who have had criminal cases against them
Cricketers who have had criminal cases against them

Cricketers Who Have Had Criminal Cases Against Them

Cricketers some time couldn’t handle the fame well and hence fall into trouble. There are some of the players who commit crimes under the influence of booze, while some, like MS Dhoni, are harassed occasionally by social activists who file Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against players to get the attention.

Cricketers Who Have Had Criminal Cases Against Them

Moin Khan

Cricketers Who Have Criminal Cases Against Them


Controversies are an integral Pakistani cricketers’ life.  Former Pakistan captain Moin Khan once arrested for torturing his wife. The retired Pakistani wicketkeeper-batsman was booked by the police after his wife Tasleem alias Shama Seher made a phone call complaining she had been beaten. According to Town Police Officer (TPO) ASP Azad Khan, a police team reached  Moin’s house at midnight to find the former cricketer screaming at the top of his voice at his wife doubting her fidelity.

After some jostling, Moin was taken in preventive detention under Section 151 of criminal proceeding law 152, the TPO said. The couple later was taken to Darakhsshan police station from where Moin was taken for a medical examination. Shama was also taken for a medical examination for injuries.

”If injuries are reported by the doctors examining her or a blood test confirms that he was intoxicated, the law will take its course,” said the TPO.

Shama later told Daily Times that Moin doubted her fidelity and hit under the influence of alcohol.

”This isn’t something new, it’s been like this for a while,” she said. ”He accused me of being involved with his friends. I asked why he was beating me and he told me that he hated the look of my face,” she added.

”Things were normal but I don’t know what had happened as recently he started to get harsh after drinking. I think that Moin still thinks of himself as a… star,” said Shama, who is in show business.

Turning the heat on her husband, she alleged Moin of having affairs and said, ”Cricketers have the same life … cricketers treat their wives like this,” she said. Moin, accompanied by a friend, later came after being released on bail to collect his belongings.

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