Dissolution of WICB overlooked in the meeting

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 07 December 2015

The proposal of dissolution of WICB (West Indies Cricket Board) was not discussed during the meeting of between Caricom (Caribbean Community and Common Market) leaders and WICB at the Spice Island Beach Resort on Sunday. This meeting will be continued in the upcoming Saturday.

It was the three hours meeting where the main focusing issue was the governance of West Indies Cricket.

Both of the officials told the media, “frank, open and healthy” about this meeting

The inside news was WICB remained impassive on their decision, while Caricom leaders continued support for changes

Grenada’s Prime Minster who is also the chairman of Caricom’s Cricket Governance Sub Committee, Keith Mitchell declared, “All of us are very clear, the issue of the governance and structure of West Indies cricket, this is the fundamental issue. The leadership of the region will not be able to duck away from that fundamental issue. That has to be the front burner issue for us.”


Mitchell explained, “The board indicated that it needed to also consult with its stakeholders and after this there will be other meetings to discuss how we go forward as far as the governance of West Indies cricket. So that’s the leadership clear position as far as the way forward is concern.”

WICB president Dave Cameron didn’t speak to the media. But WICB’s head of marketing, Carole Beckford said, “Once it goes back to the territorial boards and we get that feedback. It will be funneled through that channel. It is important that the stakeholders who are most important in this factor have an opportunity to decide on the future of West Indies cricket. So the board has to acknowledge that process and I think the sub-committee agrees. The final thing to is that we must agree on a consensus and the consensus will be based on some of the factors discussed. Governance and structure are issues that have been put on the table and that has been acknowledged the process and how we deliver that will be the interesting and important way going forward.”



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