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England Cricket Team pee on Pitch to celebrate Ashes Victory

 Have a laugh or two and perhaps a five star dinner. England late in the evening yesterday, opted for a very different form of celebration. They decided to pee on the pitch and relieve themselves from the Ashes burden. The pitch is considered to be sacrosanct in the game of cricket. Its violation in any form is termed as inappropriate and attracts huge penalties. This incident has once again brought attention to the lax attitude which the ground staff and management have for players of their home teams and their dereliction of duty. The event also brings to mind the controversy which erupted at the WACA in Perth where Indian journalists captured in film, the ground staff drinking and celebrating on the pitch. At that time the WACA chief Graeme Wood defended his staff’sactions stating them to be ‘traditional’. He insisted it, on being a party after a hard day’s work. It would now be interesting to hear what the Oval administration have to say about this.  The incident began when the post-match celebrations which started in the dressing room moved out and on to the ground. The centre of the ground at that time was dark but the grandstands were lit which provided some illumination near the boundary. A number of people were still cleaning up owing to the late finish and were in full view of the cricketers. As the party on the field progressed amidst cheers and yahoos, Kevin Petersen, Stuart Broad and pace man Jimmy Anderson went out to the pitch and relieved themselves.This could be clearly seen from the outside overflow areas and the press box. The pitch on its part would have been happy to have received this bit of moisture as it had been made extremely dry. The dry custom made pitch was supposed to help spinner Graeme Swann, the highest wicket taker of the series and was to blunt the Aussie pace attack. It would seem Petersen paid Swann’s debt to the pitch. The English always know business more than anything else (pun intended). The incident has for sure taken some sheen away from England’s 3-0 win over arch-rivals Australia who failed to rise to the occasion. As the match ended and Clarke conceded defeat England’s Captain stated his expectations. Alastair Cook hoped his team would be well received by the Aussie crowd and expected a fair pitch despite Lehmann’s appeal to his countrymen to ‘give it to’ Stuart Broad. It is now to be seen how this event translates in the relationship between the two teams when they meet for the next edition of Ashes later this year. Relive Engalnd’s Ashes Win here