Five Famous Cricketers And Their Pets

Five Famous Cricketers And Their Pets

5 Famous Cricketers And Their Pets

When the cricket fans are very passionate about the game, they also admire the top cricketers. Cricketers also respect their fans and try to set a good example to the fans, not only as a player but also as a person.

Like many other people, many cricketers are also animal lovers, and they have opened up their love for animals many times to the fans. Some of them have also shown their pets.

Here we are talking about the five famous cricketers and their pets

Ravindra Jadeja

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Image Credit: Instagram

Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is now one of the best all-rounders and valuable players in the cricket world. His presence provides the crucial deepness in every aspect of the team as Jadeja is a good left-handed middle-order batsman, useful left-arm spinner and a great fielder.

Jadeja is a big animal lover. In social media, he posts the pictures with horses. Moreover, Jadeja is also a dog lover as he also has two dogs.