Four Cricketers who have played only one Test match for their country

Four Well-Known Cricketers to Play Only One Test for their Country

Andre Russell
Andre Russell is among the four famous cricketers who had played just a single Test for their country. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

It is a privilege to play Test cricket for the cricketers which very few have enjoyed.

These days, with cricketers willing to commit themselves to the T20 leagues across the globe, many of them have not played the longest format of the game for years.

These players could be successful in Test cricket. Instead, they chose not to give it a chance and focused more on white-ball formats of the game.

On that note, we will take a look at four players who have played only one Test match for their country.

Note: Only those players whose lone test match came before January 1, 201,4 have been considered here.

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