Franklyn Rose

Former West Indies fast bowler Franklyn Rose, who was recently deported from the New Zealand, has said that he faced racial injustice in New Zealand.

On Monday, Rose revealed his New Zealand’s experience in the front of WIPA (West Indies Players Association). Rose quoted at “Jamaica Observer” on that, “I need to let people know what really happened. I am disappointed in the New Zealand immigration system. I am very disappointed. I want people to understand my side of the story, to set the record straight.”

According to the WIPA news release, in 2010, Rose introduced his professional contract with New Zealand Cricket playing and coaching at the club level. His visa expired in 2012 while he worked as a volunteer cricket coach at Auckland schools.

According to Rose, four white men attacked him dangerously in an attempt to steal his car in 2012. In that reason, he spent three days in hospital where he was treated badly and kicked him out from the hospital in prematurely.

Rose said, “They beat me down. One (guy) missed my head and chopped me on the hand. The nurses kicked me out; (they) said they needed to care for other patients. After a day, my friend had to take me back to the hospital. I was having some serious pains. The doctors told me I had a blood clot in my lungs and I had nerve damage in my hand.”

According to Rose, a few days later, with his serious condition, he was admitted to the private hospital while the public hospital refused to treat him.

Rose said on it, “They thought that I was addicted to drugs or pain medication or something. They knew I was sick, though; that I had a blood clot. I ended up going to a private hospital instead.”

As a result, Rose spent a high amount of US$1,500 a day. He was discharged after a week with very strong medicines. He stated, “I was prescribed very strong medication, warfarin. That’s a blood thinner. I also had internal bleeding in my brain; that meant more hospital fees and medication, and I was advised by the doctors that I could not travel by air.”

Due to this advice, Rose stayed in New Zealand and showed various health specialists per week which helped to make the slow recovery.

In the very recent times, police were investigated against him for a rape case which left him a very shock. He spent 38 days in prison for that before being sent to Jamaica.

The 44-years old Franklyn Rose was right arm fast bowler and right-handed batsman. He had played 19 Tests and 27 ODIs for West Indies in a very short spell of 1997-2000.


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