Harbhajan Singh and Narendra Modi

India’s star off-spinner Harbhajan Singh fell in trouble with fans on the social media Twitter.

Recently Harbhajan Singh posted some comments with a disturbing picture on his official Twitter account. In that image, a police officer was beating a beggar on the road while she holding her child with her one hand. Harbhajan Singh felt angry and expressed his anger through his official Twitter account.

At first, Harbhajan posted a comment by tagging Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the picture, “Sir @narendramodi this kind of nonsense should not b tolerate. Police is to protect an help not to hit our own people.”

Just five minutes later, Harbhajan Singh once again tweeted with the same picture, “Heartbreaking to see such images..cops hitting a mother..is this image we wanna show about our country ?? #shame”

Modi fans and other people got angry with Harbhajan for involving Indian PM Narendra Modi in this matter. Some of them took that in a political way. However, Harbhajan clarified that he had no intention to give it a political colour, and he just wanted to notify this PM directly. But some people gave a wrong angle to that tweet.

See some of the responses below:

However, Harbhajan also gave a fitting reply to most people in his own way. Some of those were in the following (the below replies were those which were published in this article at above. All the replies are sorted respectively):

On the other hand, Harbhajan also got some support on the Twitter. Some of those were at here:

Actually, it was a very old picture and it happened in 2014 in Punjab. An eyewitness said that the cop was brutally beating a disabled beggar and his wife on the road and that moment his wife was holding her child in one hand.

Harbhajan is currently playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2016, Mumbai Indians suffered a defeat in the opening match at the hands of Pune.


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