Hazlewood's fastest delivery was a technical glitch

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 29 December 2015

The Day 3 of the one-sided second Test match between Australia and West Indies started on a very interesting moment.

It was the just 4.3 overs in the day when Josh Hazlewood bowled a length ball at outside the off stamp to the West Indies opener Rajendra Chandrika, and the right-hander batsman defended comfortably. But the speedometer was showing that the delivery speed was 164.2 kmph (102 mph).

According to the speedometer, the delivery was the fastest in the international cricket history. It surpassed Pakistan speed star Shoaib Akhtar’s fastest bowling record, which was 161.3 kmph, with a big margin.

But it was a surprise for a bowler like Hazlewood, who bowls at 135 kmph naturally. Everybody was surprised along with the fans.



Later, the broadcasters Wide World of Sports (WWS) clarified that the speed was a result of the glitch in the speedometer technology.

There was a quiet similar story for Kiwi pacer Neil Wagner in the second Test between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at Dunedin in earlier this month. The delivery was clocked around 160 kmph, but it was also declared a technical glitch due to the low-flying

Here is the video:

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