Ian Bishop Opines Why West Indies Has Dearth Of Star Players

Ian Bishop Opines Why West Indies Has Dearth Of Star Players

Ian Bishop, West Indies Cricket
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Former West Indies cricketer Ian Bishop has mourned about Cricket West Indies’ unhealthy relationship with their players which had costed the country to lose some of the star players. He highlighted the pay dispute between the board and the West Indies player which has been the talking point in CWI’s history. 

Last year, Dwayne Bravo had openly talked about his disagreement with CWI while several other players had also voiced against the board. Darren Sammy, who has led the Caribbean in two T20 World Cup victories, had also said that the board disrespected the players at the tournament in 2016. 

Jason Holder, England tour of West Indies
West Indies’ captain Jason Holder (Adrian Dennis/Pool via AP)

Recently, Ian Bishop, who is currently the renowned cricket commentator and boffin, said that West Indies administrator’s bad decisions had affected the game. He also noted that his country lost some of the star players because of the board’s negligence. 

“In the West Indies initially, there was a bad effect on the game since the administrators did not know the value of T20 cricket and the ability of a player as a sole contractor where they had to choose when they wanted to play. We did not handle that well. We lost a few significant players from West Indies cricket for a period of time I wish did not happen,” Bishop told Pommie MBangwa.

I wish that would not have happened: Ian Bishop  

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Ian Bishop is of the view that if the CWI should have earlier allowed their cricketer to play in the IPL to earn the living, the national team would still have some talented players.

“And it’s only now when we see England allowing their players to go and play in the IPL. The West Indies have taken a different view now under their leadership that they need to allow their players to earn their living but when they were available, we will have a compromise. But we have missed so many important players. I think it’s set back West Indies cricket a little bit,” the 52-year old said.

Although Ian Bishop wished that Windies cricketer rather than constantly playing IPL would have served for the country. However, he is happy that they are earning and have secured the future. 

“But I’m never going to be envious of what a player is now able to earn and secure his financial future. I have seen the Bravos, the Pollards, and the Narines. While they have not played for the West Indies as much, which is something I wish would not have happened. But I am happy to see these young guys having such security for their future and family. It pleases me no end,” Ian Bishop stated.

Andre Russell has also not represented his country for very long but he is the lynchpin for KKR in IPL. Similarly, Bravo, who had returned to the T20I team last year, was constantly playing for CSK in the league.