ICC Confirms Process Underway For Election Of Next Chairperson

ICC Confirms Process Underway For Election Of Next Chairperson

ICC Board on Monday confirmed that the process is underway for the election of its next Chairperson and is expected to be concluded by early December end. The process though, has started. It is being overseen by the Independent Chairman of the ICC Audit Committee. The first stage for the nominations which are to be made by current Board Directors will end on probably 18 October 2020.

As per the rules outlined in the ICC constitution, any nominee will then need to be seconded by another Board Director to become a candidate in the election. Potential candidates must be either a current or former ICC Director to be eligible.

The position of the ICC Chairman is lying vacant ever since the term of the previous chairman Shashank Manohar ended at the beginning of July. The position was held on an interim basis by Imran Khawaja.

ICC, chairman
ICC, chairman. Image Credit: Twitter.

ICC’s Shashank Manohar Inflicted Damage Upon Indian Cricket: N Srinivasan

Niranjan Shah was critical of Shashank Manohar’s term at the helm of cricket’s governing body as according to him. He had damaged the reputation of Indian cricket. He was poorly received in Indian cricket circles.

“BCCI went through much turmoil in the last couple of years. And the ICC, during these years, took undue advantage to damage cricket in India and the BCCI in all possible manner,” Shah had told the Bangalore Mirror.

Shashank Manohar
Shashank Manohar. Image Credit: Getty Images.

“Upon stepping down, Shashankji must be having mixed feelings about what could have been done for the promotion of cricket at international level and what was done to Indian cricket during his tenure. In the relaxed phase, now he may evaluate his tenures.”

Shashank Manohar who is a cricket administrator apart from being a prominent lawyer twice served as the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, from 2008 to 2011, and from November 2015 to May 2016. He served as the chairman of the International Cricket Council from November 2015 to March 2017. On 24th March 2017, a resolution was passed to reinstate him as the chairman until a successor was elected.

ICC’s Shashank Manohar Criticized By N Srinivasan Too

Former BCCI president N Srinivasan too severely criticized Shashank Manohar for tarnishing India’s finances and hurting chances at ICC.

During Shashank Manohar’s presidency, India became the No 1 Test side & even won the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup after a hiatus of 28 years. He was famous for suspension of the chairman of IPL Lalit Modi, who was vice-president of BCCI too during 3rd edition of IPL.

“Ever since the new leadership has come into BCCI, Shashank knew he could not afford to represent India and use that as a vehicle for his convenience. He knew he had no chance (to continue) and therefore he had run away,” Srinivasan had told TOI.

“My personal view is he has done so much damage to Indian cricket that every person involved in Indian cricket will be happy (with his exit).

N Srinivasan
N Srinivasan. Image Credit: Getty Images.

“He has hurt India’s finances in the game, has hurt India’s chances at the ICC, he has been anti-Indian and has reduced India’s importance in world cricket. He is running away now because he knows he will not get any bow from the Indian leadership. He has caused huge damage.

“His exit is a relief to Indian cricket. Manohar could never stick around for a fight. In 2015, he left BCCI in the middle of its worst crisis. Now he is leaving the ICC in the middle of a pandemic. Personally, I am happy realising what has happened…that such a person is no more with the ICC,” he added.

N Srinivasan said Shashank Manohar’s exit from ICC will make administrators of India happy besides elaborating the fact that he could not stick around for a long time and left BCCI and ICC in middle of turmoil.