ICC Defends The Decision Of Kumar Dharmasena On Overthrows

ICC Defends The Decision Of Kumar Dharmasena On Overthrows In World Cup Final

Ben Stokes, Kumar Dharmasena

A rarest of the rare scenes took place during the world cup final between New Zealand and England. Who would have expected that a bat deflection would head to the boundary at such a crucial situation of the game? All of a sudden, the umpire was in a spot of bother with the situation kept them in the hardest place on the earth at that moment. Meanwhile, ICC comes in defence of Kumar Dharmasena, who admitted his error.

A throw to the stumps deflected off the bat of a diving Ben Stokes as he tried to complete a second run and raced to the boundary, with Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena awarding six. Three balls later the scores at 50 overs were tied as England reached 241 all-out replying to New Zealand’s 241-8.

Kumar Dharmasena, ICC World Cup 2019
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It took the nail-biting finale to a Super Over which again was tied but England lifted the trophy by virtue of having scored more boundaries Critics, including former leading umpire Simon Taufel, said England should have been awarded five runs, not six, as the batsmen had not crossed for the second run at the moment the ball was thrown.

Kumar Dharmasena followed the right process – Allardice

In an exclusive interview with ESPNcricinfo, ICC’s general manager of cricket Geoff Allardice defended Dharmasena’s decision by saying that the on-field umpires ‘followed the right process’ as the playing conditions didn’t allow him to refer the decision to the TV umpire.

Kane Williamson, Ben Stokes, ICC World Cup 2019

“They (on-field umpires) had to make a judgment call on the day as to whether the batsmen had crossed when the throw was released. After everything that went on during that delivery, they got together over their comms system and made their decision. They certainly followed the right process when making the decision.

They were aware of the law:

Allardice also said that the umpires were well aware of the law that the batsmen needed to cross when the throw was happening and downplayed the idea that third umpire should have been brought into the act for a clear decision before rewarding England 6 runs.

Kane Williamson, ICC World Cup 2019
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“They were aware of the law when they made the judgment about whether the batsmen had crossed or not at the time. The playing conditions don’t allow them to refer to such a decision to a third umpire. The match referee cannot intervene when the umpires on the field have to make a judgment call like that,” explained Allardice.

However, it was done and dusted. Fans have moved on from that epic final. The records will show that England won on the count of boundaries to lift their first-ever World Cup final.