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We are the new rulers, we roar whenever we are defeated and so much that we have become a butt of jokes but we don’t care! Because, we are the Bangladeshi fans!!! So, now that we have defeated Pakistan and India and we are going to defeat South Africa too, ICC should implement some special rules for us don’t they? We have recommendations too-

  1. Toss:


The change has to be from the very beginning itself. The traditional way of the game has this bizarre rule of tossing to decide who is going to pick their desired innings. But why start it with such an uncertain way? What if the coin itself has taken bribe and shows the face that our opponents select? They should ask us straight away. We are the new powers of the cricketing world after all!

  1. Umpires:


Bangladesh is a country where there are lots and lots of cricket enthusiasts. They not only love cricket, but are brilliant umpires themselves. They are so learned that sometimes they declare a player out even before the delivery reaches the bat. And then there is so much corruption all over the world when cricket is concerned. Why do we need to trust anyone who can prove to be partial while we can carry our own umpires? And to choose from the huge number of applicants, we have this very reliable way- a lottery!

      3.  Batting :


Well, to win a match, one needs good runs on board. And to ensure that, every batsmen should be given a runner, whatever the circumstances be. To restore the great hitting powers of the Bangladeshi stalwarts, we want our athletes to take up the prestigious role of running between the wickets. All hail our intelligence!

    4.      Bowling:


Now that with the newly implied batting rules we have put up a humongous score, it’s time to prove our potential as the new growing bowling power. It has been long but still we can’t forget that melancholy incident of our bowler getting cheated by the umpire in the ICC ODI World Cup 2015. That divine ball that could take Rohit Sharma like that, was declared a no ball? Like seriously? All our hard works went in vain and we lost it to India, for that one silly mistake. No more of that agony, dear bowlers of Bangladesh. From now on, all type of dismissals are applicable for no balls if a Bangladeshi is bowling, and even not a free hit after it. Anyone has any idea how strenuous it is a work to bowl a delivery?

    5.      Fielding:


Fielding is a very mentionable part in the game of cricket, though it is very much underrated. And the rules that are currently basically fail to make sense. So, we come to the rescue, again! When a Bangladeshi is batting, he and solely he should be given the right to set the fielders and create the gaps so that his master-class can be shown in proper way. Again, when the Bangladeshis are fielding, the power-play restrictions should be removed looking at our greatness with both bat and ball. Then will the humanity be restored.

    6.     Spectators:


Finally, here comes the most important part- the spectators. The best environment that can be created during a match is by the supporters. So, there should be this official rule- when there’s a match going on and Bangladesh is playing in it, all the spectators are bound to support the Bangladesh team. That’s it, said it!

P.S: Another by-clause should be there of no criticism of the maestros from Bangladesh cricket team if we, by any chance, lose a match even after these rules get implemented. We are human beings, not God!


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