Interesting facts about ICC World T20

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 13 March 2016

ICC World T20 2016 has just started. It is the 6th edition of WT20 tournament which is being played in India from 8th March to 3rd April. In the past 5 editions, the whole cricket nations saw many exciting matches. There are some interesting facts around the WT20 tournament which are very interesting. Let’s see those in the following.

Interesting facts about ICC WT20:

  1. Centuries: Scoring a century by a batsman in T20 format is not an easy task. It is a dream for every cricketer but only a few talented cricketers can fulfil that. But in the WT20, there are already 7 different cricketers who have hit centuries. Except 2009, WT20 has got minimum one century even in 2016 WT20 which has been just started.

Out of these seven cricketers, only Suresh Raina and Brendon McCullum were the non-opener where both the batsmen came to bat at the no.3 position. The details of WT20 centuries are in the following.

Year No. of Players Scored Century Players
2007 1 Chris Gayle (117)
2009 0
2010 2 Suresh Raina (101), Mahela Jayawardene (100)
2012 1 Brendon McCullum (123)
2014 2 Alex Hales (116*), Ahmed Shahzad (111*)
2016* 1* Tamim Iqbal (103*)


(NOTE: WT20 2016 is still running)

  1. Winning captain retention: Not just two years, it can be also said that one year is enough to change the cricket world. Till the 2016 WT20, only two WT20 winning captains have been retained to defend the trophy in their next WT20. These two captains were MS Dhoni (India) and Darren Sammy (West Indies). Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka) was much closer to retain as captain in their next WT20 but he gave up his captaincy at the last moment due to his injury. However other captains had taken retirement after winning the trophy (Pakistan WT20 winning captain Younis Khan later made comeback again in the T20I cricket)
Champion Team (Year) Winning Captain (Year) Defending Captain (Year)
India (2007) MS Dhoni (2007) MS Dhoni (2009)
Pakistan (2009) Younis Khan (2009) Shahid Afridi (2010)
England (2010) Paul Collingwood (2010) Stuart Broad (2012)
West Indies (2012) Darren Sammy (2012) Darren Sammy (2012)
Sri Lanka (2014) Lasith Malinga (2014) Angelo Mathews (2016)


  1. WT20 Champion’s opening match: Sri Lanka is the only team who won their opening match in their WT20 winning year. Other WT20 champions failed to win their first matches in their WT20 winning year. 2007 winner India’s first game was washed out against Scotland while other three champion teams Pakistan (2009), England (2010) and West Indies (2012) suffered losses in their first game against England, West Indies and Australia respectively. Only 2014 WT20 champion Sri Lanka won their first game in their WT20 winning year against South Africa.
  2. No unbeaten Champion: Till WT20 2014, there were no unbeaten champion. All the five champions had suffered minimum one defeat in their WT20 journey. Pakistan (2009 WT20 champion) and West Indies (2012 WT20 champion) had lost 2 matches each during their WT20 winning campaign.
Year Champion Matches Won Lost Tie (W/L) No Results
2007 India 7 4 1 1(1/0) 1
2009 Pakistan 7 5 2 0 (0/0) 0
2010 England 7 5 1 0(0/0) 1
2012 West Indies 7 4 2 0(0/0) 1
2014 Sri Lanka 6 5 1 0(0/0) 0


  1. Last 3 WT20 winners were the host nations of the previous WT20: Out of 5 WT20 tournaments, last 3 WT20 winners were the host nations of previous WT20. The last three WT20 winners were England (2010), West Indies (2012) and Sri Lanka (2014) and they were the WT20 host nations in the year of 2009, 2010 and 2012 respectively. WT20 2014 host nation was Bangladesh, so can they won WT20 2016?
Year Host Champion
2007 South Africa India
2009 England Pakistan
2010 West Indies England
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka


  1. Host nation never won WT20: In the five edition of WT20 tournament, none of the host nation claimed the trophy. The best performance for any WT20 host nation was in 2012 by Sri Lanka who finished as runner-up of that tournament.  
Year Host Champion
2007 South Africa India
2009 England Pakistan
2010 West Indies England
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka


  1. Player of the tournament: Only once WT20 winning team’s player was awarded player of the tournament. It was England batsman Kevin Pietersen in 2010 WT20 while England became WT20 champion. Till 2014 WT20, Shane Watson (Australia) was the only non-finalist team cricketer who received player of the tournament award and that was in WT20 2012.
Year Champion Player of the Tournament Player of the Tournament’s Nation (Final Position)
2007 India Shahid Afridi Pakistan (Runner-up)
2009 Pakistan Tillakaratne Dilshan Sri Lanka (Runner-up)
2010 England Kevin Pietersen England (Champion)
2012 West Indies Shane Watson Australia (Semi-finalist)
2014 Sri Lanka Virat Kohli India (Runner-up)


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