Rinku Singh and Virat Kohli. Photo- KKR Twitter
Rinku Singh and Virat Kohli. Photo- KKR Twitter

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) batter Rinku Singh was seen facing the wrath of Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) legend Virat Kohli after he had requested him for a bat. The funny conversation was captured on video by KKR and shared on social media.

If fans remember, RCB and KKR had played earlier on March 29 against each other in the ongoing IPL 2024. After the match, in which Virat Kohli’s 83 off 59 went in vain, KKR’s Rinku Singh got a bat as a gift from the ex-RCB captain.

However, when KKR is set to host RCB at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Rinku Singh approached Virat Kohli with the same request of a bat. However, this time, Virat Kohli was in no mood to give Rinku any bat and tried to avoid the topic in their funny conversation.

“Mera bat? Spinner pe tod diya tune?”- Virat Kohli scolds Rinku Singh as he asks for another bat

Rinku Singh was explaining to Virat Kohli that he had broken his bat which was gifted to him earlier when RCB and KKR had clashed, which left the RCB batter shocked. As Rinku examined two of Kohli’s bats on the sidelines of a practice session in Kolkata on Saturday, the experienced Indian batsman inquired about how he shattered the last bat.

Kohli warned Rinku that if he continued to give out bats throughout the tournament, he would be in trouble. Rinku then told Kohli that he swears on him that he’ll take care of the bat if Kohli gives him one.

Here is how the conversation went:

Rinku: I broke the bat (you gave) against a spinner.

Kohli: My bat?

Rinku: Yes

Kohli: You broke it against a spinner? Where did you break it from?

Rinku: From the middle.

Kohli: What should I do then?

Rinku: I was just informing you.

Kohli: No problem. Good that you told me. But I don’t need information.

(Rinku then starts knocking the ball on one of Virat’s bats.)

Kohli: This bat is no good.

Singh: Are you sending one?

Kohli: To whom am I sending?

Rinku: You can keep it (returns Virat’s bats to him)

Kohli: You took a bat from me previously. Now you want second bat in second game? Teri vajah se na, jo meri baadmei halat hoti hai na (Because of you, I face consequences later).

Rinku: I swear on you, won’t break the bat again. I can show you the broken bat.

Here is the video:

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