IPL7: Problems associated with foreign captain

IPL7: Problems associated with foreign captain

Harbhajan Singh, MS Dhoni

During the starting seasons of IPL, the foreign captains led teams were more successful but since then it has been the Indian captains who have led the team to the title. On a safer note, it is better to go with the Indian captains. Here are the reasons:

1:Performance: It is good if the foreign captains perform but if they do not perform then , they become liability for the team. They cannot be replaced by other players on the bench. The latest example is Kevin Peterson. He is strugglling at the top of the order and is blocking a place of a talented batsman or a bowler who can play in the 11 in his place.

2: Replacement: It’s not always that one should be replaced only because of poor performance but may be because of the stability of the team. George Bailey might be performing all right but may be Perera desrved a chance , given the impact he had on the Sunrisers last year. He can finish the innings as well as anyone , atleast in a T20 match and can come in with some handy overs.

3: Handling youngsters: The foreign captains might well not be aware of the local players and the talent they have. They also might not have a good idea of the pitches . Above all , it is seen that the language plays an important role and becomes a barrier in the interaction with Indian players. On the other hand , th Indian captains can interact with foreign players in a better way.

4: Ego problem: The senior players in a team might not be happy with a foreign captain and this may well lead to dis unity in the team , which in no means is good fr the team.

The owners must look to get an Indian as the captain of the team , no matter how big is the foreign player. They must respect the Indian in the side and build a team around him. IPL is not all about performance but also making money. A slight dis respect to a senior player and fans may well go against the team. Delhi Daredevils is facing a bit of it and Kolkata Knightriders have faced it after dropping Sourav Ganguly. The decreasing rates of tickets will not please the IPL franchises.

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