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It is critical to learn from your failure and improvise ~ Rahul Dravid

Whenever legend Rahul Dravid speaks out, very often we find a message based on his personal experience. In fact his assessment is normally so fair and fine, that we tend to listen to his advice time and again.

This time, while speaking at a function held in Mumbai that was organized by Rajasthan Royals and their five years partner Mitashi Edutainment, Dravid emphasized on the role of net bowlers in developing his career by stating “I think the biggest thing that inspired me, every time I would to go many places and so many centres as a cricketer, was the net bowlers. When we went to the nets with the Indian team you always found net bowlers and people who came to the nets to help and assist us. You could see the passion in these young guys; they were so desperate to play well, to do well, but unluckily sometimes they did not have the talent or the gift or the luck that some of us have. A lot of these boys had so much passion and they were so desperate to do well and worked so hard. And for me these unknown people were a great inspiration. I believed that if they had so much passion then I must make best use of my talent because for some reason, I was given something that I must make the best use of.”

Defining failure in his own logical perception he said “One of the most important things when you fail is your attitude towards failure for anything you do and sport is no different. I think it happens in sport a lot and what is your approach towards that failure is important. There are two ways to approach the situation. When you fail, sometimes you ignore it or blame someone else and think you didn’t do anything wrong. If you do that, you lose confidence in yourself. I think if you are willing to be honest with your failure it can help a lot.”

Defining the crucial role of one’s failure in shaping up the future, Dravid elaborated “We often hear that after you see a lot of failure, you see success; but only if you fail in the correct way, only if you fail in the right manner and by right manner I mean that you learn from your failure. For example I was told by my coach that if you play 30 matches — whether it’s at the first class level or at Test level and you can be as experienced as you were in your first match or you can be 30-match experienced — you learn from every single match. I think it is critical to learn from your failure, being honest with yourself, look to improve and also being fair to yourself in recognising that at times you do fail and that it is a part of sport and part of life.”

It is really praiseworthy that a cricketer having a high stature like Rahul Dravid, appreciated the efforts put in by the hardworking net bowlers and he labeled their efforts as an inspiration for him to do better. Perhaps this is why Mr. Cool Rahul Dravid has become an icon and role model for millions of young fans of the game. Hatsoff to his simplicity.