Jay Shah, Photo- BCCI
Jay Shah, Photo- BCCI

Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary, is reportedly running for the post of ICC President, however, the final decision will be made only in November when ICC holds its annual election.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will host its Annual Conference in Colombo later this month, but the election for Chairman will not be on the agenda. The annual conference runs from July 19 to 22.

Jay Shah has been consistently noncommittal about whether he wants to take over as chairman, a post currently held by Greg Barclay for the past four years. The New Zealander was appointed to the position with the approval of the BCCI secretary. Barclay is eligible for another term and may be interested in continuing, but if Shah runs, he will undoubtedly be elected unopposed.

The ICC has changed the chairman’s tenure from three terms of two years each to two terms of three years. If elected, Jay Shah will serve a three-year term as ICC chairman, after which he will be eligible to become the BCCI’s president in 2028, according to the constitution.

Jay Shah reportedly trying to bring ICC headquarters from Dubai to Mumbai if elected ICC president

The international media has speculated about Jay Shah’s prospective involvement in the ICC and the likelihood of transferring the ICC’s headquarters from Dubai to Mumbai. Such a move is not on his agenda, although he is thought to be keen in bringing about changes at the ICC.

On July 19, the Annual Conference will elect Associate Member Directors. Eleven individuals are fighting for three spots on the ICC Board of Directors, with each serving a two-year term. The current directors are Pankaj Khimji from Oman, Imran Khwaja from Singapore, and Neil Speight from Bermuda.

Apart from the three, eight others in the fray are Sam Arthur (Costa Rica), Dr Rudie Van Vuuren (Namibia), Sankar Renganathan (Sierra Leone), Mubashshir Usmani (UAE), Gurumurthy Palani (France), Mahinda Vallipuram (Malaysia), Stephen Musaele (Rwanda) and Mahmood Gaznavi (Singapore).

“Election will be conducted using an electronic voting system which allows for anonymous voting. In the event of the electronic system not working, the vote will be conducted as a manual vote by secret ballot. Voters will be asked to vote, in order of preference, for the three candidates they wish to vote for on the ballot,” ICC statement read.

A total of 45 Associate members, including 40 voting Associates and five non-voting Associates from five different zones – Africa, Americas, East Asia Pacific, Asia, and Europe — will be electing the three directors.

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