Former Indian world winning captain Kapil Dev said that cricket is now a very good career option for the Indian youngsters.

Kapil Dev attended at the seventh Global Sports Summit which was organised by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) in Delhi on 22nd February, Monday. At the venue, Kapil Dev commented about modern cricket in India. He said, “Now a cricketer can earn Rs. 10 crores for playing 40 days only (in the IPL). It is just fantastic. Cricket is a career option now. Times have changed and the thought process has changed. Now parents say to their children if you do not want to study you can, at least, play cricket and become a Sachin Tendulkar or a Rahul Dravid.”

Kapil Dev thinks that the corporate has done their job very well but now the government needs to take part in this to sustain these improvements. The India’s great all-rounder said: “The corporate has done their part by way of sponsorship and media have done their part by making sports, especially cricket, big. I think the government will have to do its part by giving sports infrastructure if India wants to produce champions.”

Further, Kapil Dev elaborated government’s duty in the sports arena as he said, “The government will have to provide the sports infrastructure. Reduce the tax on sports goods and equipments. I heard that shooters have issues on importing their equipment and ammunition. The government will have to make it easy to bring in sports goods and equipments by reducing taxes on these. Schools are the places from where talent will come and if there are not enough play fields, how will the country produce world champions. 40 per cent of the premises of all schools should be play fields.”

The Sports Secretary Rajiv Yadav blamed the lack of funds allotted by the government in sports. He said, “The budget allocation for 2015-16 is just Rs. 835 crore, whereas it should be at the range of Rs. 6000 crore. With limited sports budget we cannot give the entire infrastructure and we need a bit of help from the corporate sector.”

Though Rajiv concluded his speech with a positive note as he said, “We had a meeting with Finance Ministry a few days back and the government has accepted that sports infrastructure building (by the corporate sector) will get concessional finance and this is a good news for the corporates.”


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