KL Rahul says, Cheteshwar Puajra is the most competitive play station player

KL Rahul says, Cheteshwar Puajra is the most competitive play station player

Indian batsman  Lokesh Rahul said his compatriot  Cheteshwar Pujara is the most competitive batsman in the Indian team.

“The most competitive is Pujara, he is very competitive and he takes the PlayStation very seriously”, reveals Team India opener, KL Rahul, while speaking to India Today. “My favourite game is football (FIFA) on the PS”, adds Rahul.

It is difficult to imagine Cheteshwar Pujara, who is usually calm, composed  and focused out in the middle, jostling for victories on the PS against his teammates. But we shouldn’t be surprised given his appetite for big runs. Many times the team has been seen playing the beautiful game in various warm up sessions. But that is the whole point of the boys spending time together, getting to know the other side of the players than what we see out in the middle. It  helps in the overall team performance, says Amit Mishra.

“We like to spend a lot of time together as a team, maybe going out for dinners or just hanging out together in the team hotel or going out together. When you spend a lot of time with a person you start understanding them better and that has been our aim as a team to understand each other and work as a unit,” reveals Amit and Rahul agree with him. “That is what the coach is trying to do. To have more team building activities, maybe even doing yoga together, just spending a lot of time together helps us gel more. When we have better comfort levels of the field I think it reflects on the field as well as we can understand each other and perform better on the field,” says the opener.

Amit Mishra was asked about his skill with the remote. The leg-spinner said, “No I do not play PlayStation with the boys as I am not good at it. I need to practice more, I have an old version and need to practice on the new one. “

The tour of West Indies saw a lot of such team building exercises. While coach Kumble’s drumming sessions grabbed the headlines before the tour, Caribbean cruises and sightseeing were high on the agenda in the Caribbean, while Jadeja even took his stallion for a bath in the sea. The result, a united Team India under Virat’s  leadership roared to a 2-0 series win, and they were unlucky not have a bigger win margin.

“We have a great friendship with each other, it helps that all of us are so young. We all spend a lot of time together Virat, Vijay, Shikhar, Pujara, the names will go on. It is good to have guys who enjoy together. The friendship has always been good for the boys as we are all young and we have all played cricket together for the country, maybe in the IPL, maybe in junior cricket at some point. The camaraderie and friendship is really good on the team. We all have this feeling of wanting the other boys and wanting everyone to do well,” adds Rahul.

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