List of Batsmen to score Fastest 6000 Runs in ODI Cricket

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List of Batsmen to score Fastest 6000 Runs in ODI Cricket 

List of Batsmen to score Fastest 6000 Runs in ODI Cricket
Hashim Amla is the quickest to smash 6000 ODI runs. Photo Credit: Getty Image.

The One-day International (ODI) cricket had witnessed a sudden surge when it was relatively a new format. It further attracted the fresh broadcasting giants that revolutionised it in recent years. The day-long format has had witnessed some thrilling individual performances apart from the last-ball thrillers. Pertinently, batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket has left an indelible mark in one way or another.

Moreover, the top ten list is further graced by veterans of the game alongside high-quality contemporary competitors in the form of Hashim Amla and Team India captain Virat Kohli.

Let’s have a look at the batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket:

  1. Hashim Amla 123 ODI innings:

South African National Team stalwart Hashim Amla played a quintessential role for his national side, particularly in the One-day Internationals. The right-handed batsman Amla further amassed runs at a pace to top the chart of batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket.

Moreover, Amla tops the ladder to smash fastest 6000 runs in ODI circuit. The batting prodigy took 123 innings for his milestone. Amla further achieved it against India at Wankhede on 25th of October, 2015. It’s pertinent to mention that he was playing his 126th ODI.

Amla who made his ODI debut in March 2008 took seven years and 230 days to reach 6000-run mark in the 50-over format.

  1. Virat Kohli 136 ODI innings:

Virat Kohli who is universally regarded as one of the champion batsmen in the cricketing world, took 136 ODI innings to go past the tally of 6000 runs. He achieved the landmark against Sri Lanka National Cricket Team at Hyderabad on 9th of November 2014.

The top-order batsman Kohli has bagged a couple of records to his name. After making his ODI debut in August 2008, Kohli took six years and 83 days to amass 6000-plus total while donning national colours.

Overall, Kohli who further had a burgeoning success in the white-ball cricket was playing his 144th ODI. He is second among the top-notch batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket

  1. Vivian Richards 141 ODI innings:

Windies renowned batsman, Vivian Richards during his ODI stint, grabbed eyeballs for his rollicking home and away performances. The right-handed batsman consumed 141 ODI innings—to go past 600-run mark on January 7th 1989 against Pakistan at Gabba.

Richards made his ODI debut in June 1975 which eventually saw him taking 13 years and 214 days to score 6000-odd ODI runs.

Overall in 187 ODIs, the Antigua-born Richards struck 11 hundreds and 45 fifties. For Windies, he scored 6721 runs at the average of 47.

  1. Sourav Ganguly 147 ODI innings:

Former Indian National Cricket Team skipper Sourav Ganguly consumed 147 innings to become the fastest to smash 6000 runs in the ODI fold.

The southpaw Ganguly had a knack of scoring runs freely, and he did it smartly while donning national colours. Ganguly achieved the mark against Zimbabwe at the historic Sharjah Stadium on October 26, 2000. Back then, he was playing his 152nd ODI game for the Men in Blue.

Bengal fame Ganguly made his ODI debut on 11 January 1992. He took eight years and 289 days to reach 6000-run mark in the day-long format.

  1. AB de Villiers 147 ODI innings:

Celebrated cricketer AB de Villiers delivered goods across formats for South Africa. In 2018, his shocking retirement announcement might have left his fans dejected, but he had already done plenty for the Proteas.

To back his numbers, the right-handed Pretoria-based batsman de Villiers averages 53.50 in ODIs. He represented South Africa in 228 ODIs to amass 9577 runs. He attributed his ODI success with 25 tons and 53 fifties.

On November 11, 2013, De Villiers went past 6000-run mark against Pakistan at Sharjah. The aggressive batsman took 147 ODIs innings to achieve the milestone. Interestingly, it took him eight years and 282 days to amass 6000 ODI runs, to become overall fifth quickest in the history.

  1. Matthew Hayden 154 ODI innings:

Australian National Cricket Team southpaw Matthew Hayden has also graced the coveted list after taking 154 ODI innings to register 6000 runs. The prolific striker Hayden achieved the milestone against India at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on March 2nd, 2008.

After making his ODI debut in May 1993, Hayden didn’t look back. He had a remarkable ODI record on his back before breaking into the top ten of the list of batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket.

For being fastest to amass 6000 ODI runs, Hayden took 14 years and 288 days while playing his 158th ODI.

Hayden during his ODI stint not only provided an impetus to his national side but he went on to clinch games for the Kangaroos.

  1. Brian Lara 155 ODI innings:

Brian Lara with his complacent approach has taken a toll on the bowlers. He not only made things ridiculously easy in the white-ball cricket, but went on to bag staggering numbers under his belt.

The southpaw Lara made his ODI debut in November 1990, before setting his sights on multiple records. During his ODI career, Lara became second fastest for the Windies to smash 6000 ODI runs. He took 155 innings before achieving the feat against Bangladesh at Dhaka on 9th of October 1999.

Overall, since his first ODI game, Lara took eight years and 334 days to amass 6000-plus ODI runs. Lara is second after Sir Vivian Richards among Windies batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket

  1. Dean Jones 157 ODI innings:

Australian-cricket-turned-commentator and coach Dean Jones did his best for Australia while donning the colours. He is the eighth-ranked batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket

The Melbourne-born veteran represented Australia in overall 164 ODIs to amass 6068 runs at the average of 44.61. He further struck seven hundreds and 46 fifties between 1984 and 1994.

Jones became one of the fastest to score 6000 ODI runs while featuring in his 157th ODI innings. He achieved the feat against South Africa at Port Elizabeth on February 22, 1994. Eventually, it took Jones 10 years and 23 days to go past the tally of 6000 ODI runs. Besides, he featured in his 160th ODI.

  1. Martin Guptill 157 ODI innings:

Kiwis contemporary opening batsman Martin Guptill has also achieved the feat in his 157th ODI innings. On January 3rd, 2019, he achieved the milestone for becoming batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket while facing Sri Lanka at Mount Maunganui.

The prominent figure in the Black Caps’ camp Guptill, who made his ODI debut in January 2009, took nine years and 358 days to amass 6000-runs while playing his 160th ODI.

The prolific run-scorer Guptill played a sensational role for the New Zealanders while donning the national colours. He has been impactful white-ball batsman for the Kiwis.

Gary Kirsten 160 ODI innings.

South African batsman Gary Kirsten played an imperative role in the progress of the Proteas team. He is the second batsman after de Villiers to break into the list of fastest to score 6000 runs in ODIs.

Kirsten took 160 innings to surpass 6000-run mark. He claimed the record on October 22nd in 2001 while taking on Kenya at Newlands in Cape Town. Overall, he became tenth overall batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket.

Interestingly, Kirsten, who made his ODI debut in December 1993,  took seven years and 312 days to amass 6000 runs in day-long format.

Table for the batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket:

Serial No. Player Opposition Ground Match Date Time Takes Matches Innings
1 HM Amla (SA) v India Mumbai 25 Oct 2015 7y 230d 126 123
2 V Kohli (INDIA) v Sri Lanka Hyderabad (Deccan) 9 Nov 2014 6y 83d 144 136
3 IVA Richards (WI) v Pakistan Brisbane 7 Jan 1989 13y 214d 156 141
4 SC Ganguly (INDIA) v Zimbabwe Sharjah 26 Oct 2000 8y 289d 152 147
5 AB de Villiers (Afr/SA) v Pakistan Sharjah 11 Nov 2013 8y 282d 153 147
6 ML Hayden (AUS/ICC) v India Sydney 2 Mar 2008 14y 288d 160 154
7 BC Lara (WI) v Bangladesh Dhaka 9 Oct 1999 8y 334d 158 155
8 DM Jones (AUS) v South Africa Port Elizabeth 22 Feb 1994 10y 23d 160 157
9 MJ Guptill (NZ) v Sri Lanka Mount Maunganui 3 Jan 2019 9y 358d 160 157
10 G Kirsten (SA) v Kenya Cape Town 22 Oct 2001 7y 312d 160 160
11 GC Smith (Afr/SA) v India Johannesburg 15 Jan 2011 8y 291d 162 160
12 DL Haynes (WI) v Sri Lanka Rajkot 19 Oct 1989 11y 239d 163 162
13 Saeed Anwar (PAK) v India Jaipur 24 Mar 1999 10y 82d 164 162
14 RG Sharma (INDIA) v Australia Nagpur 1 Oct 2017 10y 100d 168 162
15 RT Ponting (AUS) v West Indies Kingston 17 May 2003 8y 91d 169 166
16 MS Dhoni (Asia/INDIA) v Sri Lanka Mumbai 2 Apr 2011 6y 100d 186 166
17 LRPL Taylor (NZ) v South Africa Christchurch 22 Feb 2017 10y 358d 180 166
18 ME Waugh (AUS) v Sri Lanka Melbourne 7 Feb 1999 10y 58d 172 167
19 MG Bevan (AUS) v England Adelaide 19 Jan 2003 8y 280d 193 167
20 JH Kallis (SA) v England The Oval 28 Jun 2003 7y 170d 175 167
21 Yousuf Youhana (PAK) v Sri Lanka Karachi 6 Oct 2004 6y 192d 178 168
22 CH Gayle (ICC/WI) v England Nottingham 7 Jul 2007 7y 299d 171 168
23 SR Tendulkar (INDIA) v Pakistan Dhaka 14 Jan 1998 8y 27d 176 170
24 R Dravid (INDIA) v West Indies Vadodara 18 Nov 2002 6y 229d 187 171
25 AC Gilchrist (AUS) v Zimbabwe Hobart 16 Jan 2004 7y 83d 180 174
26 MJ Clarke (AUS) v New Zealand Nagpur 25 Feb 2011 8y 37d 190 174
27 Javed Miandad (PAK) v Sri Lanka Rawalpindi 19 Jan 1992 16y 222d 185 175
28 Tamim Iqbal (BDESH) v Zimbabwe Dhaka 23 Jan 2018 10y 348d 177 175
29 Inzamam-ul-Haq (PAK) v New Zealand Derby 28 May 1999 7y 187d 186 176
30 MS Atapattu (SL) v Bangladesh Pietermaritzburg 14 Feb 2003 12y 75d 182 180
31 NJ Astle (NZ) v Australia Melbourne (Docklands) 5 Dec 2004 9y 318d 186 182
32 HH Gibbs (SA) v Australia Johannesburg 12 Mar 2006 9y 160d 185 184
33 BRM Taylor (ZIM) v South Africa Paarl 6 Oct 2018 14y 169d 185 184
34 EJG Morgan (ENG/IRE) v New Zealand Wellington 3 Mar 2018 11y 210d 198 185
35 S Chanderpaul (WI) v South Africa Jaipur 2 Nov 2006 12y 16d 202 190
36 V Sehwag (Asia/ICC/INDIA) v England Bengaluru 23 Nov 2008 9y 236d 195 190
37 KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL) v England Colombo (RPS) 13 Oct 2007 7y 100d 208 192
38 Yuvraj Singh (Asia/INDIA) v Pakistan Karachi 2 Jul 2008 7y 273d 210 192
39 WU Tharanga (Asia/SL) v Zimbabwe Galle 30 Jun 2017 11y 332d 203 192
40 A Flower (ZIM) v India Colombo (RPS) 14 Sep 2002 10y 203d 196 193
41 PA de Silva (SL) v Zimbabwe Sharjah 3 Apr 1997 13y 3d 200 194
42 GW Flower (ZIM) v Kenya Sharjah 5 Apr 2003 10y 162d 201 196
43 Mohammad Hafeez (PAK) v New Zealand Nelson 9 Jan 2018 14y 281d 197 196
44 TM Dilshan (SL) v India Adelaide 14 Feb 2012 12y 65d 227 203
45 M Azharuddin (INDIA) v Pakistan Toronto 17 Sep 1996 11y 241d 222 205
46 A Ranatunga (SL) v Bangladesh Colombo (SSC) 22 Jul 1997 15y 158d 216 205
47 Younis Khan (PAK) v New Zealand Hamilton 3 Feb 2011 10y 355d 212 205
48 Shoaib Malik (PAK) v England Abu Dhabi 11 Nov 2015 16y 28d 228 205
49 SP Fleming (NZ) v South Africa Christchurch 17 Feb 2004 9y 329d 214 206
50 ST Jayasuriya (SL) v India Sharjah 29 Oct 2000 10y 308d 217 209
51 DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) v Pakistan Jaipur 17 Oct 2006 8y 266d 225 209
52 RB Richardson (WI) v Australia Brisbane 7 Jan 1996 12y 21d 217 210
53 Ijaz Ahmed (PAK) v West Indies Bristol 16 May 1999 12y 183d 227 210
54 Saleem Malik (PAK) v India Toronto 23 Sep 1996 14y 255d 235 212
55 BB McCullum (NZ) v Australia Auckland 3 Feb 2016 14y 17d 258 226
56 AR Border (AUS) v Pakistan Melbourne 12 Jan 1993 13y 365d 247 229
57 SR Waugh (AUS) v India The Oval 4 Jun 1999 13y 146d 264 240

*The stats (batsmen to score fastest 6000 runs in ODI cricket) were updated on January 4, 2019.

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