Michael Slater kicked off a Wagga Wagga-bound Qantas flight

Michael Slater Kicked Off a Wagga Wagga-Bound Qantas Flight

Michael Slater, Qantas, Wagga Wagga
Slater is in troubled waters. Photo Credit: AAP

In a recent heated exchange of words with his friends, former Australian top-order batsman Michael Slater was kicked off a Wagga Wagga-bound Qantas flight for being disruptive. Pertinently, Slater was on his way to his hometown in New South Wales.

Recently, the world governing body ICC has named Slater as one amongst the coveted panel of commentators for the forthcoming ICC World Cup 2019.

According to the AFP, the argument between Slater and his two friends eventually resulted in delaying the plane for half-an-hour. Thus, it has irked the flight attendants of Qantas flight in Sydney to ask Slater to deboard the flight.

However, according to Sydney-based Macquarie Sports Radio eyewitness revealed that heated arguments involved Slater and two women.

So much so, they yelled and swore at each other before renowned cricketer-turned broadcast pundit locked himself in a toilet. As per the reports carried by Australia media, Slater has refused to unlock the door.

However, the security swung into the action to calm the situation.

Slater removed from the Wagga Wagga-bond Qantas flight:

Michael Slater
Slater and his charity work. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

In his statement, Slater has extended a public apology for his poor behaviour.

“I did have an argument with two friends whilst boarding a flight to Wagga. And I apologise for the inconvenience this caused other passengers on the flight,” Slater mainatined.

Qantas Airways Limited which boasts about the mega fleet, its statement remarked the incident had taken place before departure. It added without naming television star Slater.

The statement maintained the passenger had deboarded the flight as per the accordance.

“Prior to departure on a Sydney to Wagga Wagga flight on Sunday, a male passenger was asked to leave the aircraft for being disruptive. He complied with the crew’s request,” AFP had accessed the statement.

The 49-year-old Slater has also been part of the commentary panel during the recently-culminated twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Between 1993 and 2001, Slater himself has represented Australia in 74 Tests and 42 ODIs. He has accumulated 5312 runs at an average of 42.8 in the traditional format.

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