MS Dhoni Owes GST INR 1,800 For Lifetime Membership Fee To JSCA; Association Rejects Offer From Fans Paying Dues On His Behalf

MS Dhoni Owes GST INR 1,800 For Lifetime Membership Fee To JSCA; Association Rejects Offer From Fans Paying Dues On His Behalf

MS Dhoni,
MS Dhoni (Image Credit: Getty Image)

It has been more intriguing which has subsequently kicked up a storm, as Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) has rejected to accept the amount from former Indian captain MS Dhoni’s fans, which he personally owed to his state association following GST levied on his lifetime membership fee.

Besides, the question arises why Dhoni owes INR 1,800 to his state-side? With the lifetime membership fee of 10,000, the amount is pending owing to the 18 per cent GST on his membership fee. So, the total amount should have been 11,800, revealed state cricket body’s 2019-20 annual report.

Fans of MS Dhoni miffed over rejection from JSCA:

CSK, MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni. Photo Credit Credit: BCCI/IPL.

Nevertheless, his ardent fans had collected the fee and showed keen interest to pay on Dhoni’s behalf as Dhoni was yet to clear his GST for lifetime membership payment.

Shesh Nath Pathak, who’s an activist after featuring in cricketing activities as well alongside MS Dhoni’s fans by and large students, prepared a draft which was eventually turned down by the JSCA.

Pathak has also registered remonstration against alleged irregularities within Jharkhand’s cricket body.

“They refused to take it – perhaps on someone’s instructions – and gave an acknowledgement receipt. We were advised we could send it by post,” Pathak was quoted as saying by The Quint.

Pertinently, Dhoni was given a lifetime membership at JSCA in October 2019 during an annual general meeting of JSCA after being suggested to the committee of management in September, last year. And for the same, the representatives of the JSCA had collected INR 10,000 excluding GST.

Sanjay Sahay reasoned why JSCA rejected pending dues from fans of MS Dhoni:

MS Dhoni, JSCA,
Photo Credit: BCCI.

Over this JSCA secretary, Sanjay Sahay had reiterated that Dhoni had not asked anyone to pay the pending dues on his behalf – and it is not possible without the consent of Dhoni, who owes the amount to JSCA.

Sahay further explained it would have been different scenario altogether had MS Dhoni allowed them to pay his debt on his behalf.

“If someone has to do something, he is free to do that. He can’t be stopped. Suppose I authorise someone to pay fees or money on my behalf, only then can that person pay it, isn’t it? Did Dhoni authorise these people to pay his dues? My permission (to accept the draft) is not needed in this, the permission of the person who is supposed to pay dues is required,” Sahay maintained.

Earlier, Dhoni held a position of an honorary member of the JSCA, which was modified in a lifetime membership only after his avid followers showed disapproval in Jharkhand.

In March 2020, Dhoni’s net worth was said to be around INR 800 crore —and many see it as nothing but a meagre amount of money which he owes to his association.

The 39-year-old Dhoni recently-retired cricketer MS Dhoni, who is concurrently in the UAE, for his participation in the IPL 2020.

Dhoni had announced his retirement on 15th of August – to bid adieu to international cricket after handing India three major ICC trophies including an inaugural edition of T20 World Cup 2007 and ODI World Cup 2011 in Mumbai, where he played a signature helicopter shot – to put an end to the 28-year World Cup drought in April 2011.

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