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N Srinivasan forcing gay son to marry woman

Ashwin, the gay son of former chief of the BCCI, N Srinivasan, has alleged that his father has been forcing him to marry a girl to keep the family name living.

Ashwin has accused Srinivasan of denying him (Ashwin) his inheritance and mentally torturing him to make him marry a girl and have children.

Ashwin has spilled these controversial details in an interview recently.

Ashwin claims that his partner, Avi, is being constantly monitored by Srinivasan close to his father’s residence.

As proof, Ashwin produced various letters from Srinivasan which have various pleas to Ashwin to give up his current lifestyle and come back to living a straight life.

Srinivasan claims to be withholding his inheritance from Ashwin because he feels that Ashwin is not yet ready for such an inheritance. He claims that so much money would only end up in the hands of strangers and he would end up wasting all of it.

In another letter Srinivasan made claims of Ashwin blackmailing him in a desperate manner of r money, which he outright refuses, and goes on to accuse Ashwin of using drugs and engaging in debauchery.

Srinivasan, on being reached for comment, only said that he would not comment on a matter which was between father and son.