Top 10 IPL controversies

The Indian Premier League is arguably the world’s most famous T20 leagues. It, however, has always been more about controversies and less cricket. Ever since its inception way back in 2008, there has been an abundance of hullabaloo. While cricket no doubt is

World T20 Rewind: Top 5 Spells in the Tournament

The Twenty20 Cricket that is known as bowler’s nightmare had some great performances by the bowlers. There were also talks that the bowlers Wasim Akram, Michael Holding, Andy Roberts, Joel Garner, Kapil Dev, Imran Khan and Shane Warne will be very hard to score off

12 Unknown Facts about Anil Kumble : The Last Samurai

“Success is 99 percent perspiration….1 percent inspiration.” This is Thomas Alva Edison’s definition of the term ‘Genius’. Anil Kumble is one cricketer who fits into this definition undeniably and resoundingly. I mean, how many bowlers have toiled on the field with a broken

IPL schedule relieves the franchises and sponsors

The announced Indian Premier League schedule has brought a more soothing weather on the franchises side. This schedule adds up some major boons to the teams. The players will find accustomed atmosphere and at the same time the sponsors can do business their

Sachin Tendulkar wins Cricketer of the Generation Award

“Bharat Ratna”, the Batting Maestro Sachin Tendulkar who often called as ‘Cricket God’ won “The Cricketer of The Generation” award in the Espncricinfo awards. He got tough fight from Jacques Kallis and Shane Warne but he withstand to hold the award. He was presented in the

Dhoni vs ZEE, 2nd round will take place in Supreme Court

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has lodged a file against Zee News and News Nation channels for telecasting news against Dhoni’s involvement in match fixing and betting scandals in the concluding season of Indian Premier League and Madras High Court has limited the channel

LED zing bails – ICC’s latest tryst with technology

Slightly heavier than the traditional wooden bails, the LED zing bails are the newest and much-publicised induction into the game of cricket as a part of the International Cricket Council’s continuous efforts to introduce technology to make the sport more advanced and