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Ravi Shastri vs Sourav Ganguly spat: A disgrace to Indian cricket 

Ravi Shastri vs Sourav Ganguly spat: A disgrace to Indian cricket

It all started the day when Anil Kumble was announced as the head coach of Indian cricket team and still the former director of Indian cannot swallow the harsh fact that he has not been chosen as the head coach of the Indian team. The baffled Ravi Shastri is spilling harsh words against Sourav Ganguly and Sourav too is not ready to take it and he too has fired Ravi with his comments. Now that is not an intelligent piece of work from the former captain.

According to the BCCI Secretary Ajay Shirke, both are behaving like boys in a toy shop. Through this small statement, Shrike has passed on the BCCI’s message to both the “MEN”.

Neither Ravi nor Ganguly is ready to take a step back and both are ready to fire guns in their defence at any time of the day. On one side Shastri is blaming Sourav of being unfair to him by skipping the interview while on the other hand, Dada is questioning the seriousness of Ravi towards the job. He said that “Ravi was enjoying in Bangkok during the interview and this shows that how serious he is towards the job”. Ravi defends himself by stating that he was called on a short notice and this was the only means to appear for the interview.

Both the men seem to be correct on their part but regardless of the fact that who is at fault, let’s take a minute and think that in this fight whose image is at stake? Is it Shastri’s or Ganguly’s? It seems like more than the image of these two it is the image of Indian cricket and BCCI which is at stake.

The image of Indian cricket and BCCI seems to be receiving dent due to this fight.

BCCI is amongst the biggest powerhouse in world cricket and is the richest board. The actions of the administrators of this body surely have a deep impact on other boards as the small and new boards try to imitate them. The actions of the administrators of powerful boards are an example for these small boards that learn by the examples set by one like BCCI.

So is this spat is a disgrace to Indian cricket?

Yes, seems so as both Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri are two respectable personalities in cricket fraternity. Both of them had a miraculous career and were a respected member of the team. Both the players were an asset to the team and provided a competitive edge to the team they played for. Shastri contributed in both the departments of the game whereas Dada led the team from the front. Shastri is still remembered for his all round skills whereas Dada too is remembered as one of the finest captains in the history of Indian cricket.

Somewhere around the corner both the veteran personalities are losing the personal respect as they are setting a negative example in front of the people. The fans that follow them are not at all amused by this.

We know that keeping Shastri mum is totally out of the box and no one can stop him but Dada is an intelligent person and could have controlled himself. He could have learned from his fellow partners Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and V.V.S. Laxman. All were criticised during their playing days but all of them instead of being involved in a spat handled the situation in an intelligent way. They answered at the right time in a perfect way. Ganguly too could have kept mum at this point of time. This would surely have resulted in an increase of respect for him.
We do not say that Dada should take Shastri’s word and should sit silently in a corner but he should have waited for the right time. Blasting at Shastri at the same time was not a right choice it seems so. Instead the member of advisory committee, Sourav Ganguly should have waited.

More than the image of these two it’s the image of BCCI and the Indian cricket which is being affected due to this which is a true fact.

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