Ravindra Jadeja's Wife Argues With Police; Caught Without Wearing Mask

Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife Argues With Police; Caught Without Wearing Mask

Rivaba solanki, Ravindra Jadeja,
Rivaba solanki and Ravindra Jadeja. Image Credit: Twitter.

Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba was caught breaking the safety protocols after which she argued with the police. Reportedly, She was travelling without wearing a mask which is an important weapon to curb the spread of the virus. 

As per the report published in the Bangalore Mirror, Ravindra Jadeja and Rivaba with two-three other person were travelling in their car on Rajkot’s ring road. Then, the head constable Sonal Ganeshwari of Rajkot’s Mahila Police Station stopped their car after seeing Rivaba not wearing the mask while the cricketer had his mask on. 

Jadeja’s wife Rivaba and constable had a verbal confrontation, according to PSI AJ Lathiya, as a result of which, she got high blood pressure and was taken to hospital. 

No official complaint filed: DCP

Rivaba solanki and Ravindra Jadeja
Rivaba solanki and Ravindra Jadeja. Image Credit: Twitter.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Manoharsinh Jadeja, threw light on the whole event, stating that both parties accused each other of rude behaviour but none has filed an official complaint. 

“Jadeja and the constable both have accused each other of rude behaviour. There is no formal complaint from either side. As per my information, Jadeja was wearing a mask and we are investigating whether his wife was wearing or not.”

As per reports, Rivaba has paid the fine for not wearing a mask and said that the due procedure will be carried out soon.

Ravindra Jadeja’s wife is BJP member: 

Rivaba solanki
Rivaba Solanki.

Rivaba is a member of the renowned political party Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). She joined BJP on 3rd March 2019. 

Last year, Riva was also accused of hitting a motorcycle of a Constable Sajay Ahir by her car on 21st May at Saru Section road in Jamnagar. The incident turned to an argument quickly and the constable physically assaulted her and even pulled her hair.