Banters, altercations, interesting exchanges and a lot of fierce cricket totally describes every India versus Australia outing. The fixture has witnessed many incidents where players from both the sides are found to be involved in ugly verbal altercations. While Australians have mastered the art  of sledging, there are some instances when Indian players came on top.

Karnataka cricketer Robin Uthappa opened up about such an incident during the 2007 T20 World Cup where he gave a fitting reply to  shut up Aussie Matthew Hayden.

“When I went into bat, Matthew Hayden was sledging me a lot. I am the kind of guy who takes it in my stride but makes sure I give it back. When I was fielding and he came to bat I was giving it to him. He didn’t like it and obviously, I was just a youngster getting off the blocks in international cricket.

He said, “You know I’ve played 11 years of international cricket, you need to respect me”. And I was like hey boss I think you are forgetting something that respect isn’t demanded it’s earned. I think that hit a soft spot with him and I didn’t hear a word from him after that. A couple of overs later we had someone cast limb and he was bowled,” Uthappa told cricket humourist Vikram Sathaye on an episode of ‘What The Duck’.

He recalled another incident when Andrew Symonds called him a monkey in a match in Hyderabad, while Uthappa was batting.

“So we were playing Hyderabad. We were batting and then he spoke to me, ‘Hey monkey, hey monkey’. I looked at him and said, ‘Symo have you had a look in the mirror lately?’” Uthapped guffawed.



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