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Seven wonderful facts about Sir Donald Bradman 

Cricket, after its birth, saw many legends but if there is one parameter for measuring any great talent, that is surely Sir Donald Bradman. The cricketer who defined cricket, the one who made opponents change their strategy, is no doubt the most impactful player of the 20th century and cricket will never forget his contributions like we did not forget that it is his birthday today. So, here are seven interesting and unique facts about the legend of legends:

Seven wonderful facts about Sir Donald Bradman


The milestone of cricket scored his first milestone of 100 runs when he was only 12. Playing for Bowral High School senior XI, he scored 115 in only his second game while the total score of the team was 156. It was the Oval and to add more to that, he took 8 wickets. In the first game, he stood not out for 55 runs.


Mr. and Mrs. Bradman

The age of 12 seems to be quite significant in his life as he met Mrs. Don Bradman in the same age. Jessie Menzies then first met his would be as she lived in Bradman House. She also attended the Bowral School along with Bradman.


Talking of school, the first thing that comes to our mind is the subjects and the studies. And to remind all of you readers, it was not literature or Geography that the legend loved the most, but mathematics. Yes, Bradman was fond of maths as a kid.


Cricket, mathematics and MUSIC! Sir loved music a lot. He himself knew how to play piano, as taught by her elder sister Lilian and even used to compose songs. At the age of seven, he sang at Kangaloon concert. Later in 1930 he recorded a song called ‘Every Day is a Rainbow Day for Me’ and also recorded his piano pieces ‘Our Bungalow of Dreams’ and ‘An Old Fashioned Lockett’. Apart from music, he played many more sports such as tennis, golf, squash, rugby league and athletics.


It will take infinite words if we sit down to write about the record setter’s records. But there are some facts that stand apart from all the others. In his illustrious 20 years of test career, he was dropped from the playing elevens just once, that too during his first series while he was aged 20. Another terror that a batsman can imagine is the ‘Nervous Nineties’. Just on the verge of getting a century entitled, if suddenly one’s innings comes to an end, there’s nothing sadder than that. Well for Sir, he never got dismissed in with a score in the 90s.


He has been loved and honoured by many in different ways, but some are truly unique. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC, has got their postal address in all capitals of states as PO BOX 9994- that is Sir’s test average. He was the only Australian player to be knighted. A variety of the flower Dahlia has also been named after him. But a unique way to show respect came from Kathiawar, India as a first-class match had been stopped as Maharashtra batsman Bhausahibe Nimbalkar had already scored 443. This was done so that Nimbalkar could not surpass Bradman’s highest score of 452 runs.


Like all good thing has to end one day, Bradman also bade goodbye to his phenomenal career. He played cricket for the last time for the host side ‘Prime Minister’s XI’ against MCC. He was as old as 54 and scored 4 runs.
The day the cricketing world mourned was 25th of February in the year 2001 when Sir Donald Bradman ended his mortal journey. The ashes of Mr. and Mrs. Bradman had been scattered around Oval, where it all started.

The man is mortal, but his creations linger forever. Like the world can never stop loving cricket, cricket can also never stop loving Sir Donald Bradman.

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