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Shane Warne has fun at Marlon Samuels’ expense

Marlon Samuels

Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels share a rocky past as the two are bitter rivals. The two had a physical altercation in an edition of the Big Bash League where Warne had openly confronted Samuels about his behavior. Since then, Warne never misses an opportunity to have a go at Samuels.


In the second semi final of the ICC World T20 as well, as Samuels was in the middle, Warne was having fun in the commentary box. Seeing Samuels struggle in the middle, Warne was quick to make his views clear. Samuels was dismissed without making an impact as he offered an easy catch backing away. “Well, this is a bit embarrassing for Marlon Samuels,” Warne said. “Look where he is. He’s nearly off the pitch backing away again. He’s backed away every ball.”


“And all it was was just a normal length ball from Ashish Nehra. I said the ball before, if he can give him a good short one and get one outside off stump that Marlon Samuels was backing away so much he nearly couldn’t reach it. “For your No.3, Marlon Samuels, in this situation in such a big game, that’s an embarrassing dismissal. That’s pretty poor,” said Warne.


Sometime later, Warne once again brought the topic to the fore. “I’m still trying to get over Marlon Samuels’s dismissal,” he said. “You can’t back away that far as a No.3 batsman when your team’s struggling and they need one of the experienced players to hang in there. “He was so worried about the short ball and to get out the way he did, in that manner, you can see why the dressing room and the dugout for the West Indies was so flat.  “Look at this. Look how far. He’s nearly off the pitch and it was just a normal length ball on off stump.”

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