Sharjah 1998: Sachin Tendulkar Recalls His Batting Brilliance Against Australia

Sharjah 1998: Sachin Tendulkar Recalls His Batting Brilliance Against Australia

The 44-year-old Little Master Sachin Tendulkar on Thursday revealed his batting dominance when he was speaking at the promotional event of the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon, where he further described his knocks at famous Sharjah ground against Australia.

However, the series was organized by the Cricketers Benefit Fund Series, as the third team included New Zealand. In the final on April 24, Tendulkar smashed 134 to claim the title for his team after taking Australia to the cleaners.

“Given the conditions in the month of April — the temperatures are really high and you can feel the heat going through your shoes and socks — and the first thing you want to do is to put your feet in the ice bucket,” Tendulkar was quoted as saying by PTI after speaking at the promotional event.

Interestingly, Tendulkar recalled his memories of 1998 season in Sharjah when he blasted Australian bowlers to post 143 runs, in a bid to help his side to qualify for the final of tri-nation tournament on April 22, 1998, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola, while adding it was pretty tough to score runs under the hot and humid conditions.

“In my case, that was one experience which I remember how tough it was to stay there and play the best team in the world,” Tendulkar maintained.

Tendulkar reiterated that fitness always plays a significant role in the set-up while revealing it’s the important factor to focus on.

Sharjah 1998: Sachin Tendulkar Recalls His Batting Brilliance Against Australia 1
Sachin Tendulkar has smashed 51 hundreds in Tests and 49 in Tests which is a record in itself in the international cricket. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Known for his brilliant batting and plundering runs at his will during his illustrious career, Tendulkar further went on to describe that it was a delight to perform against a quality team.

“Australia was number one at that stage and to beat them so convincingly was extremely satisfying,” Tendulkar asserted.

On a bone-dry surface, Tendulkar, who was the excellent stroke maker of the cricket ball, has played a significant role for India during his remarkable career which has further been written with indelible ink in the record books, revealed about his achievements and tribulations during his playing days.

“My 48 hours’ experience was the Sharjah matches, which I played in 1998. Those days we used to play in Sharjah and drive all the way back to Dubai,” Tendulkar added.

The Mumbai-born legendary batsman in those times faced quality bowlers faced Damien Fleming, Steve Waugh, Michael Kasprowicz and legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne.

“By the time we got back to the hotel, unpacked and settled down, it was 2 AM or so when I went to sleep. And the next day was for recovery and the following day was the final. It was not so easy,” Tendulkar concluded.

As the half marathon is scheduled to kick off on August 20, under the aegis of the IDBI Life Insurance, its brand ambassador Tendulkar has further donated around 100 pairs of shoes among participants.

The top-order batsman featured in 463 One-day Internationals in which he had amassed 18,426 runs, as he has registered 15,921 runs in 200 Tests.

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