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Smokin’ Hot (Marijuana, Cocaine and more) Cricketers

Cricketers who smoke

Cricketers are the heroes without the sword. People follow them, love them and idolize them. But fame and recognition don’t come free. To handle the immense on-field pressure and jam-packed schedule, cricketers seek help from different forms of recreation. Some get addicted to music, some get addicted to socialisation, and some to SMOKING!

Smokin’ Hot (Marijuana, Cocaine and more) Cricketers

Here is a list of top five cricketers who got involved in smoking prominently –




This bad boy of West Indian cricket is known for his happy-go-lucky nature. Be it dancing to Gangnam Style on the field to walking the ramp, this party animal is always in news. Most of the times spotted surrounded by a bevvy of beautiful girls, this dashing opener is also somewhat addicted to smoking and alcohol. It is so many times that he has been publicly spotted smoking that he now a marked smoker in the cricketing fraternity. He is among the cricketers who have created a lot of controversy due to his habits.