Sourav Ganguly

Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly supports the IOA’s decision to make the Bollywood star Salman Khan as a goodwill ambassador for Indian Olympic contingent at Rio Olympic 2016.

Recently IOA took the decision to make the Salman Khan a goodwill ambassador for Indian Olympic contingent at Rio Olympic 2016. Currently, the topic is going hotter as many sportsmen have raised an objection to this decision.

Earlier, Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt expressed his anger on the social media while former Indian sprinter Milkha Singh requested to revise that decision. Later also, Salman Khan’s movie shooting delayed  India’s Olympic bound athletes’ practice.

Now former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly said, “I’m happy and fine with him (Salman) being the ambassador as he brings visibility and glamour quotient to anything. You cannot deny that Salman is popular and he would bring visibility to the Rio Olympics. He is an entertainer. I think it’s fine to have him appointed as the ambassador. I think they can have other ambassadors as well, it’s nowhere written that they can only have one ambassador.”

Ganguly further added that the athletes will surely team up with Salman. Ganguly spoke out, “There have been some outstanding athletes, who have brought laurels to the country, I’m sure they can team up with Salman. At the same time, there is no harm in having other ambassadors. They can work along with Salman and bring glamour, entertainment, and sport together. We have some legends in the country they can be a part as well.”

Ganguly gave an example of the other mega events like CWG, IPL, ISL etc. where non-sportsman celebrities are involved in the opening ceremony. Ganguly himself is involved with ISL (Indian Super League) as he is the co-owner one of the ISL team Atletico de Kolkata.

Ganguly said, “When you have a big event like the Commonwealth Games (CWG) and IPL we have a bit of both, like the glittering opening ceremony with players swearing-in and stuff. It makes it perfect, there can be a mix of both. Look at the ISL, there’s so many film stars and sportspersons involved and make it a success.”

Ganguly is also hopeful that the controversy will settle down very soon. Ganguly said, “Problem in the country is opinion go galore when things happen, people just jump out and say ‘why this and why that’ without solving the problem. It goes on for a few days and then it settles down.”

Earlier, Olympic gold medalist Gurbax Singh and former Indian football captain Bhaichung Bhutia have also shown their support for Salman Khan as a goodwill ambassador for Indian Olympic contingent at Rio Olympic 2016.


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