One And A Half Lung: Struggling Stuart Broad Used Inhaler During Southampton Test

One And A Half Lung: Struggling Stuart Broad Used Inhaler During Southampton Test

Stuart Broad, England vs India 2018
Stuart Broad. (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

Stuart Broad looked in discomfort while bowling in the fourth over of the second Test and called for an inhaler. The incident happened during the Southampton Test against Pakistan. Stuart Broad waited for some time and was seen in a reclining position on the field.

Stuart Broad, who suffers from asthma which is not a secret, but the fact that he had half a lung less than his contemporaries because of premature birth was revealed only during the 2015 Ashes Test.

Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad after completing 500 Test wickets (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images for ECB)

Stuart Broad Required Inhaler To Cure Asthma But Bowled Exceptionally Well

Stuart Broad has recently reached 500 Test wickets which came during the third Test against West Indies in 2020. Broad became the seventh bowler and fourth fast bowler and also second England cricketer to achieve the exceptional feat.

stuart broad, England vs West Indies
Stuart Broad. Image Credit: Getty Images

He sometimes requires inhaler to cure asthma. Despite struggling, Broad bowled a first spell that read 5-2-7-0 and he almost had Pakistan captain Azhar Ali to add to his collection but was dropped in the slip region.

Stuart Broad Played 14 Years Despite Having 1/2 Lung Less Than Teammates

The fact that a cricketer especially a pacer with over 500 Test wickets has survived for 14 years with one and a half lung which was only revealed to his teammates during an Ashes Test five years back. He revealed the secret at a pre-training camp when they asked each other to provide a piece of information about them that was not known by others.

James Anderson | Stuart Broad |
James Anderson and Stuart Broad. Credit: Getty Images

James Anderson, his England teammate has 592 wickets whereas Broad has 508 wickets. Broad still may continue playing for England as he is aged 34 but James Anderson has reached the fag end of his career since he is already 38. Broad has played his last ODI in 2016 and T20I in 2014.

“One night we were asked to provide a piece of information about ourselves that no one else knew, with the notion of being open with each other,” Broad had once written in the Daily Mail.

“I shocked the boys a little when I told them I only had one and a half lungs because I was born three months premature.”

His teammates were astonished to hear his secret and also were amazed that he had played 14 years with half of a lungless and carries inhaler being asthmatic.

“I explained that because I was so tiny when I was born, basically at death’s door, one of my lungs never fully developed. That’s why I’m asthmatic and carry an inhaler. It has never affected me as a sportsman, but the idea that I’ve played my entire career with half a lung less than everybody else is quite amazing when you think about it, Broad concluded.