Raina wanted to commit suicide
Suresh Raina felt depressed during his hostel life

Indian batsman Suresh Raina has revealed a surprising incident during his hostel days.

Raina revealed to Indian Express that he had planned to commit suicide back then due to the bullying and many other facts.

Indian Express wrote one bullying incident which Raina had faced, “The train was chugging along towards Agra. Suresh Raina was sleeping on a newspaper spread on the floor, wearing his pad, chestguard, and thigh pad as protection on that chilly night. So were the other 12 to 15-year-old boys heading to play a cricket tournament at the city of history and romance.

Late in the night, Raina felt a weight on his chest and even before he could open his eyes, his hands were pinned down. A big kid was on his chest, and started peeing on his face. After a brief tussle, even as the train was grinding to a halt, Raina pushed the bully off him – “ek ghoosa maara, and threw him off the train”. Raina was 13 then, and struggling to cope in the Sports Hostel in Lucknow. “

Raina spoke out another incident of bullying, “It wasn’t just verbal bullying. Raina has been hit with hockey sticks and the situation spiraled so much out of control that Raina recalls a batch mate was so shell-shocked that he went into a coma-like state. Another was so terrified that he will be hit, that he was about to jump off the dormitory floor.”

These were some incidents out bullying which Raina had faced during his time in the Sports Hostel in Lucknow. These incidents had made life tough for Raina and forced him to think of committing suicide. Raina was so depressed at that time that he left hostel a year before.


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