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The Hidden Truth on protest against Third ODI matches Exposed 

The Hidden Truth on protest against Third ODI matches Exposed

Cricket and cricketers on many occasions donned the uniform of protest. When India were touring England in 2014, Israel and Palestine were involved in a bloody battle. England opener Moin Ali came to bat wearing ‘safe Palestine’ wristband to show his sympathy for Palestine. However, ICC was not entertained by his idea. They have fined him. But, it is rare in the history two political outfits are fighting to outdo each other in cricket Stadium.

The third ODI between India and South Africa at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium at Khandheri village Stadium, on the outskirts of Rajkot City, has turned into a platform for political exploitation for BJP and a pressure group Patidar Animat Andolan Samiti lead by Hardik Patel.

India leveled the series at Holkar Stadium, Indore with the help of MS Dhoni brilliant unbeaten 92. But, Cricket is getting less attention than political clamour between BJP and Hardik Patel. In the Rajkot, Hardik’s protest is getting more importance than the match because of the current socio-political scenario of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state Gujrat.

“Like in the past we have followed all the procedures. The only difference this time is that we have asked ticket buyers to furnish identity cards,” the Saurashtra Cricket Association secretary Niranjan Shah  said. The veteran administrator planned is to avoid any unwanted incident.

The 22-year-old quota stir leader Hardik Patel wants to get public support from various parts of the world. He wants to expose how the caste system is killing the hope their community. He threatens to disrupt the match as the latest claimed 20 thousand tickets off the 28 capacity stadium has been sold out to BJP members. The imperative is that BJP does not want Patel get attention from all over India and- other parts of the world as that may raise the question about Narendra Modi’s work in his own state. BJP president Amit Shah does not a single stone unturned during the match.

It is not for the first time, people opt a sporting event to raise their voice for their demand or any protest. The Patidar Animat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) lead by Hardik Patel has already created a storm in Gujrat. Hardik was kidnapped for agitating for reservation for his community.

But, the state government is unwilling to give reservation. Because then, there will be chance other communities are also agitating for reservation.

The reason behind the violent protest, which started in June 2015, is the reservation for 49 per cent seat in Gujrat Government job. As a result, those who don’t come under the cap of reservation have been finding it difficult to crack in government exam. And even, not getting any government assistance. So, the furious battle for the Other Backward Class (OBC) status, which has  27 per cent reservation in the government job, PAAS staged the biggest demonstration in Ahmedabad on August 25.

The demonstration has seen incidents of violence and arson across the state resulting in curfew in several cities and towns. The properties and vehicles worth crores of Rupees were damaged and destroyed. The state returned to normalcy by 28 August. But, revived in September despite the talk with the government again turned into a violent on September 19. The government agreed to offer scholarships and subsidies to general category students on 24 September but, that did not pacify Hardik Patel. So, he wants to use the international match between India and South Africa in order to inform the world about their plight.

Meanwhile, Gujrat BJP members have bought 20000 tickets to attend the match with a Tshirt imprinted Narendra Modi. The clash is drastic. Hardik wants the world know about their plight while BJP lead Government, which was ruled by Narendra Modi for 12 years before he become the Prime Minster of the country last year, want to spoil Hardik’s  movement.

But, third ODI which was needed to get more attention than political clamour was dwarfed by a political battle.

The political battle in cricket stadium is not new. In 1967 in Karachi when India were playing Pakistan, a group of fighting students disrupted a Test match. Shiv Sena exhumed the stadium to disrupt the match between India and Pakistan at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai. And even recently, the Maharashtra BJP government asked BCCI not to bring Pakistan in the state during the 2016 ICC World T20, keeping in mind the security issues after the deadly attack in Mumbai in 2008 by Pakistani terrorist.

Hardik is so much desperate that his organisation ransacked the stadium and threatened to stop the way to the stadium for Indian and South African teams. If they don’t get their tickets to enter the match.

BJP wants to hide the reservation shame from the international audience. Instead, they want to show how much Gujrat love Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It is difficult the to except propaganda in the cricket field. At the same time, violent protest inside the stadium may disrupt the atmosphere of the match and that resulted in bigger political fiasco and even cricket ban over the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Recently, the stone-throwing crowd, who did not get a ticket to watch the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, has thrown the stone from outside. So, anything like that happens then that will bring more shame to India.

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