The Numbers Game: Team India’s Work-load In Past 10 Years

SANDIPAN GHOSH / 26 July 2017

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We all know that the yearly international cricket schedule has grown, especially in the last 10 years. But, do you know that how many days Indian cricket team plays international cricket matches in a calendar year?

In this article, we had shown that how many days Indian cricket team had played in international cricket in the last 10 years.

Note: These (Days) are not the actual workload schedule for the Indian cricketers as there are excluding warm-up matches (tour matches) and other domestic matches.

Every Test match is calculated as 5 days.

In the no. of days’ calculation, we have included abandoned matches, washed out matches and cancelled matches.

2007 (Test – 50 days; ODI – 39 days; T20I – 8 days; Total – 97 days)

Indian team with 2007 ICC World T20 trophy (Image Source: Getty Images)

The year 2007 was one of the unforgettable years for Indian cricket. In that calendar year, Indian team played ICC Cricket World Cup and the inaugural ICC World T20. India had a disastrous performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup where they were shockingly eliminated from an easy group stage. But their performances were totally opposite in the inaugural World T20 competition where they ended as a champion team.

During that calendar year, India had played 10 Tests, 39 ODIs and 8 T20Is. It means India had played total 97 days in international cricket during that calendar year.

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